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  1. y u not posting like a bitch.

  2. DeltaDSG

    Umineko Fighter [Ougon Musou Kyoku]

    Did the same with me, but since the game still utilizes the keyboard even with your controller/stick in, I just used Xpadder so I can use my D-Pad.
  3. DeltaDSG

    Umineko Fighter [Ougon Musou Kyoku]

    I see, that's weird indeed, I'll tell my friend about that, thanks. KANON & RONOVE ALL DAY
  4. DeltaDSG

    Umineko Fighter [Ougon Musou Kyoku]

    I did network with my friend, pretty easy, whoever hosts pick the first option, whoever is joining, second option. You need the host's IP number. Not sure what you do with the port number, so I just left it at default. I have no idea what the 2/60 is, so I left that at default too. It D/C'd at least twice out of 5 games. The 1st match was pretty laggy, but the ones after that weren't as bad. He was also streaming, so yeah, that does effect your connection, hopefully someone with godly connections can test if the game D/Cs on them.
  5. Yeah, it was techable in a loketest. OMG MY FIRST POST HAI EVERYONE
  6. I ahh.. o-o thank you

  7. Dacid, you know I secretly love you. Maybe.:8/:

  8. Haha thanks, <3. Diggin' that avy, btw. (^_^)

  9. *Repeats the same shit everyone else has been saying* Good shit at SCR, I remember fighting you online once, pretty sure you beat me and I cried. :cry:

  10. Daumn, just looked at the schedule, it's SSF4, HD Remix, and Tekken 6 all day, aw well. :I:

  11. If they had a Blazblue tournament in it, yeah.

  12. Lol, anyways, dem NorCal Regionals. GONNA COME ON TOP RIGHT BOI?! :thumbu:

  13. Lmao. Sorry to hear that. >:[ If it makes things better I love almost everyone from Socal Blaz.

  14. O RLY. Too bad son. Looks like we're enemies. :8/: