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  1. DoctaMario

    (AC+R) Testament Combos

    I'm having problems getting any of the throw combos to work on Venom. I can hit him with f.S after the throw but beyond that, he's too far away for me to do anything else. I I can hit everyone else with the combos listed juat not him for some reason. Anyone have any advice?
  2. DoctaMario

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    Hahah, love the avatar Noisetank! xD PSN: TheDoctaMario Mainly a Ky player right now, but I'm looking to pick up I-no, Testament, Chipp, or maybe Zappa. I've never actually played the game against someone who actually WANTED to play haha, so I'm looking forward to playing people who actually play the game. I don't get why people make imposter accounts. It's not like anyone's going to REALLY believe that they're the person they made the account after, especially once they start scrubbing it up. And it's pretty much ALWAYS some scrub making an imposter account of a really good player. xP
  3. DoctaMario

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Back on topic: Do we have any kind of timeline for GGXXAC coming out or is it all still up in the air? (i.e. how many months to I have do practice so I don't get absolutely stomped online? )
  4. DoctaMario

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I see what you're getting at, but I'm talking more about moves being intact and everything hitting like it should moreso than any lag being present. I had lagless games against people with yellow and even orange pings. I do agree that the game being more accessible now is a good thing though. But ARC's netcode is some of the best on the market these days, so I have faith that GGXXAC's will be excellent (at least I hope it will be. Lag would kill a game like GG moreso than it would SF.)
  5. DoctaMario

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    No. The REAL Third Strike players didn't want a rebalance, it was the SF4 players who were going to play the game for 3 weeks then drop it who wanted a rebalance. GGAC doesn't need a rebalance either. If you rebalance it, then it's not the same game anyway. The glitches were the only legit complaint. 3SO is the closest thing to the arcade game that has ever been seen on a home system, and if you don't think so, then you've probably never played the game on a cab (which I do semi-regularly.) The GGPO complaints were from people who didn't know how to set it up properly/had budget (read: shitty) connections or didn't know how to read the pings. Short of delivering a 3s cab to every player's house, I don't know how much more Capcom could have done to please these people, and this is coming from a Third Strike player. Buuuuut back on topic: this is amazing news! I'd been holding out on buying a console until either a new GG or GGAC with netcode was brought out. Looks like I"m gonna have to save my pennies! It'll be good to finally play against someone who actually WANTS to play the game (rather than roping my bro into playing it with me) and this'll be a good excuse to finally get serious about GG.
  6. DoctaMario

    Accent Core Players Guide

    Excellent! Thanks fellas!
  7. DoctaMario

    Accent Core Players Guide

    Any chance of getting this back online? The link in the first post is dead and I'd like to read up more on all this.
  8. Great job on episode 3 guys, it was definitely the best one yet! Veteru was a great guest, I liked that he was willing to talk a little more. He really dropped a lot of great info, I'd love to see him come back sometime. J1n, your trolling was hilarious, though I think your mic is too loud. You're a lot louder than the other guys and if you talk loud enough or get too close, it distorts (I'm a producer I notice these things haha). Otherwise, keep it up, this is a great podcast!
  9. Downloading episode 2 right now! Loved the Duke Nukem quotes X-D Dunno if it's possible, but I'd love to hear from some Ky or Testament players kinda in the same way AKA came in and talked about Millia. Keep it up fellas!
  10. Good stuff. I dug all the stories you guys were telling in episode 0, it's cool for those of us who weren't there to be "let in" on some of that. Anyway, looking forward to checking out episode 1. Keep it up guys!
  11. DoctaMario

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    I read that rant post earlier (was it in this thread?) and it was an excellent post! I can see what you're saying about GG's story vs BB's, but if one needs to read/listen to outside stuff that hasn't been translated to truly appreciate the story, then that tells me that what we have is a story that hasn't been told very well in-game. Granted, I had to read a story FAQ to really get BBCT's story, but at least I had that option and there was enough in-game to get a good sense of what was going on. The whole time loop and Ragna unwittingly causing the end of the world was interesting to me even if it was a more routine plot to someone more into anime. Are there any good sources I could read to try and get a better idea of what's going on with GG's story that you'd recommend? And it might be pretty cool to read any plot/character stuff you wrote. I may not be the only one who thinks so.
  12. DoctaMario

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    Well I don't really watch/read a lot of anime so it was new to me. But it's better than GG's story and it actually made me care more about the characters. The problem with both games is that it's hard to get the point unless you read external materials. If they hired a screenwriter to help improve the storytelling and made a robust story mode that non-hardcores could appreciate and be happy with, then they could make the real game as hardcore as they wanted. There'd be something for everyone and everyone would win without having to give anything up.
  13. DoctaMario

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    Fuck that. I WANT people to drop more combos. If I'm playing against someone better than me, I HOPE he drops a combo, because if I'm on my A game, I'll be able to punish that shit and possibly win. Still though..Third Strike is proof that a game can have somewhat lenient inputs and still be hardcore. You know what GG needs? A really super in-depth story mode. If it had that, it could attract all the weeaboos and still maintain its hardcore roots. They wouldn't give a damn about slashbacks or game mechanics as long as they could play through story mode and get something from it. I like GG's story but BB's shits all over it. I'm not even that interested in getting that good at BB as I am at GG, but the story mode keeps bringing me back because it's good. Give GG a story that's worth coming back for and you'd see all these JRPG-raised twits plunk down their money in droves.
  14. Heh! My birthday party's on the 26th, so if I can't make it then, I can definitely do the 30th. Which version of BBCS are you guys using for the tourney 1 or 2?