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  1. SDC

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    According to Madcatz and Markman it is out now, but I've heard that from literally nobody else and I can't check myself right now. Edit: Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnd he's wrong! I had my doubts when ONE person was tweeting about it, so yeah. Maybe that false start means it is happening soon, though.
  2. SDC

    [Xrd] News Thread

    Sol vs. May and Sol vs. Ky, with a little Ky vs. Pot visible on the side. Also contains footage of DI Sol, and DI Sol's excellent Tyrant Rave. Big ups to Crown for posting this in the Xrd general.
  3. SDC

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Be mature about the situation? Their admission of the mistake was "We'll chalk this one up to the language barrier." That isn't really a proper or mature apology. I feel like they have handled the situation very poorly.
  4. This is theory fighter. People ignore everything about everything except what they want to be true.
  5. Remember though, a labrys is a double-headed axe, which is what she wields in battle.
  6. Correct me if I am wrong here, but the screenshots of Elizabeth on the official website seem to indicate that even while playable she will have SP Up status.
  7. Going to request something Makoto/Carl-y. I was so bummed when they didn't even get a special intro or anything.
  8. SDC

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    I'm really hoping this comes out on PS3. I realize it being on Wii-compatible hardware, or whatever the case is, makes Wii an easy candidate (and therefore the PS2, right?), but man...
  9. US. I should try to duplicate it, I suppose. I was thinking it might be a hidden move or glitch, but how could either one of those have stayed undiscovered for so long?
  10. No. I wish I could've screencapped it. It looked like a lvl 2 Blockhead Buster followed by a Tyrant Rave-style fireball. ...I think.
  11. I'm SURE this is a dumb question, so I'm posting it here. I was fighting a friend today as Order Sol. I am fairly certain I had both a level three charge bar and full tension, and I attempted to do Dragon Instal Sekkai, but I must have messed up the motion pretty bad. Instead, there was a super flash and Sol performed what appeared to be a level 2 Blockhead Buster (qcf s), but the third hit appeared to be more like a fireball at the end of a tyrant rave. It also appeared to me as if it didn't cost tension, but that's gotta be impossible. Am I crazy, did I miss something obvious in the command list, or what?
  12. As a guy who doesn't play Eddie, I think I'm qualified to disagree with all 4 of your points. They don't look easy to me, dude.
  13. SDC

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    It looked to me like there were two different versions. She does the move three times, but only the first and third appear to have the flash. Though that could be my eyes sucking.
  14. Sidewinder is Sol Badguy's new move, an air Fafnir (fire-punch). On a clean hit it wallbounces, so if you are fast enough you can loop it. According to Echang's FAQ it is qcf HS.
  15. SDC

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    Thanks. Unfortunately I was only able to grab one (the 5th one, A.B.A. vs. Dizzy) before it started giving me messages again. But I'll keep at it! Edit: It is working at the moment! Awesome!