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  1. For using the series in order in one combo (If I understand you correctly), you do this when you hit a ground combo on a crouching opponent. You will most likely get this combo with her overhead which forces players to crouch if it hits so you would do 6A>5CC>6BB>236C>214C>22C. Sorry if my notation is a little off, not used to doing it.
  2. I just stop at the first hit of jC to go into combos now. I think jCC pushes you up too high. Also, can someone try to answer my kara glide question?
  3. I think the reason is because before the patch, almost all of her blockstrings were punishable if you instant blocked. Pressure was really hard to maintain because you could instant block almost any of her moves and have it punished (I think this was one of the reasons her matchup with Tager sucked so much- Free 360's). But now that they lowered the advantage you get, it'll be harder to punish her pressure. That's my speculation lol. But now I have a question. In CS Tsubaki was able to Kara Glide through the air by canceling jD into B+C. It's been a VERY long time since I've done this so I could just be rusty, but can you still do the Kara Glide in CS2. I've been trying to get it but it's just not working for me.
  4. NTF_Madara

    [CS1] Arakune Question and Answer Thread

    Can somebody please give me the commands for the bug only burst-proof loop for the corner? Also Skye, good game last night. Didn't get to play your Ara, but good game nonetheless.
  5. NTF_Madara

    [CS1] Arakune Question and Answer Thread

    Okay...... I give up..... Can someone please explain to me why everyone thinks Arakune is god tier in CS2? Arakune actually seems a little worse to me and the only really nice additions I see are his combos into super for recurse and some of his new gatlings. But is this really enough to make him seem insanely overpowered to people?
  6. Oh hey it's you. XD