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  1. It's me Xchel the girl who plays jin I have you on my facebook :) under MsJin Kisaragi

  2. yeah same here i am happy i joined i learned alot and i will see if i can get past the 1st round this time lol but i still feel like i failed
  3. hey thanks for the tips last sunday

  4. it was great participating in this i had fun cant wait for the next one, also wanna give shout out for the people who gave me advice to make my game better, yall know who you are again thank you guys, also Id_asz...its MsJin Kisaragi , i put MsJin together on purpose lol any who thanks again next time i will advance more and hope fully get my game better
  5. justin bieber got what he deserved, lol just wish some one would throw something harder lol