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  1. i'm almost the other way. not enough people coming/bringing setups! It's fun but it would be more fun if it weren't just my setup for 6 people.

  2. looks like the one I ordered maybe sorta shipped today... I'm sure it won't be here for the weekend.

  3. Ouch, sorry to hear about your stick. At least you're looking at it as an opportunity to do something cool with it. Kinda curious as to what exactly happened, but that's your own business. Hope to see ya soon though since I'm kinda burnt out on netplay thanks to inconsistent internet and offline matches are looking mighty fine right now. :/

  4. I got off shortly after that anyway. I was experiencing some lag and losing matches in retarded ways so I just got off before to avoid the stress

  5. my stick is busted. Maybe looking to do some art when I fix it up. Though, my metal panel is kinda messed up, and I don't know if I can replace it really. I could replace it with a full acrylic cover, but that's for seeing inside the stick... no art AFAIK. but $15 to replace the panel with an acrylic cover might end up outweighing considerations like art. Don't know. Always liked your art because it basically looks official. Looks good, but also like it was made that way. I've been fooling with templates in GIMP, we'll see if I can come up with something... But probably out of the game for a couple weeks

  6. Didn't mean to dodge you like that. The past 5 matches I played lagged to hell and regardless of whether it was actually on my end or not, I didn't want to give anyone else a bad time.

  7. Was bumming friend's internet for the weekend. Had to enjoy it while I could. Weekends are probably our best bet for lag free matches since that's pretty much my second home.

  8. GGs. Didn't notice any problems with conn today. Did you fix anything? Had to go so I left pretty quickly.

  9. Yea, I want to play more. Don't worry about the connection issues. It's nothing. We'll get in games offline, either wnb or aa. Just let me know GGs

  10. Man, I apologize for the connection issues. Wasn't having any problems earlier today but then everything just started going to hell. Definitely looking forward to getting some matches in with you offline though, maybe WNB or something. In any case, ggs man.

  11. I know right. That lag is killing you though.

  12. lol. man. 2 astrals that you were saved from getting hit by by a couple of frames (cancel into barrier with attack already coming out) dropped combo into astral during same round that you get an astral ugh

  13. This also becomes pretty effective in the corner because of things like j.236A > airdash j.C can provide some pretty good lockdown. A lot of the time when I see I dropped something or the opponent teched from an air hit I go into j.236A immediately to keep them in the corner. Usually it succeeds. They either end up getting hit or end up blocking it which will drop them back down. If they get hit I know they'll be able to tech in the air so I either 236B/C or do another j.236A. If I get a CH I know it's a knockdown. So i land and immediately 236D if I have the stars. Sometimes people will be holdng forward and tech to go out of the corner. In a lot of these situations I just 623C~D them to keep them in the corner. People usually aren't used to that type of lockdown from Izayoi so they tend to act up a lot of when I do it

  14. Start practicing double jump/airdash links after j.236A. If you only did normal or super jump and did j.236A, after it recovers you'll still have your second air option available to you. I noticed you would do double jump j.236A which basically leaves you helpless until you touch the ground. And even then you go into j.236A's landing recovery and cant block for a couple of frames. Double jump/air dash linking is to avoid people who may run past saber and tried to intercept your landing. A lot of times you would try to punish my landing but I would just double jump away from you most of the time because I only did a super jump. It's a small thing but when your zoning with saber it really matters. So practice it And calm down when you start to pressure in gain art.. You kind of go bat shit until you get a confirm

  15. Yea you can go ahead and add me. Izayoi's pressure can be disrespected pretty easily. Especially on IB. If you notice the opponent keeps stopping your pressure a certain way (upback, mash, barrier clutch, dp) then go into training mode and and experiment. She has ways to punish all 4 of those but it's hard for her. I think my neutral is pretty good but my reflexes on defense can be pretty bad. I can IB and punish to an extent but I'm pretty free to throws and overheads as well. The opponent has to use it often enough for me to actually block it. But that's really not reaction. Its just yomi blocking which can get you blown up a lot of the time.