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  1. Villainous

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Ok so I have the japanese download version of the game. The US DLC for Elphet doesn't unlock her in game and on the japanese PSN when I go to the elphelt DLC there's no bag icon next to the text where it would activate her, and when I click it some message about GG XRD Sign pops up. If I go through the game's store to characters, the option to get her isn't there. Halp
  2. dude, your avatar is so fucking awesome...damn !!

  3. Dude that's a suck fuckin' avy. Good shit.

  4. Villainous

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    I like how all the tier lists are like the same thing but maybe slightly moved around.
  5. Villainous

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    It's silly when you guess wrong and ragna punishes you for like 4k+ lol. But oh so satisfying when it works. Thanks for the tips Zeth.
  6. Villainous

    [CS1] Bang Discussion and Question Thread

    So what's a good setup to go for on oki with Bang? I was fighting a Ragna today that would run up in the corner and do 2B and it'd hit me either direction I rolled, was wonder if Bang had something like that as well? Any sort of option select that covers all bases? As a rule of thumb, what do you guys generally do with your oki? Also on pressure, what should bang do to keep people from jumping out? Namely after 2B I would sometimes go for jump resets and the guy was always trying to jump out, and I wasn't having much success other than a really early j.C, and 2C sometimes catching him out of his jump start up. Does he have any other good options in this situation? One last question (sorry I know its a lot, just started bang in CS and am playing catchup), generally what are the best command grab setups? 5A and 2A seemed ok but if they jump out I wasn't sure what to do, maybe 5C? I could TK the air command grab but I feel retarded guessing with that.
  7. Villainous

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    I would just like the damage of the top and some of the more out there stuff toned down. Then bring some of the bottom up and make Arakune not kill you in one curse and I'd be happy lol. I'm content with tier whoring till then. I dunno what the general opinion is but I dunno why Litchi is below Bang on the lists. I think she has a lot more potential and a better game going than Bang.
  8. Villainous

    The Fighter Mentality

    Practice so that everything you do in game requires no mental resources. Observe so that you can understand your opponents tendencies. React using the observations to know what to look for and when. Everything else is creating expectations in your opponents head and playing with that. If you're too busy focused on the combo or the mixup or whatever, you'll lose sight of what's really behind the match and if all your mental resources are tied up on DOING something you'll never have your eyes open to whats going on behind the match. Saying there's no strategy in fighting games must come from low level play because there very much is. Reaction is also important but if you lack strategy, all the reaction in the world won't save you.
  9. I couldn't find any info about a blazblue gathering on Shoryuken. Are you guys getting together tomorrow?

  10. Villainous

    [CT] Taokaka FAQs

    Grounded 4D works after B+C? I didn't know that, lol.
  11. Villainous

    [CT] Taokaka Combo & BnB Thread

    Yeah I meant carl specific combos. Seems like a lot of the high damage options just don't work on him and getting anything that's not 236C-combo just doesn't seem to work well. So I found a funny combo today, it might not be that useful in itself BUT it does lead to getting on from range pretty easily: 5C CH 214D j.A j.C 5B 6A (1hit) j.5D~b Taunt (1hit) 236CC 2D8 236BBB Also if you're poking with 5C and get an air CH from a long ways away while doing this you can go into 214D j.C drive loop. But anyway this lead me to find the super easy get in on people option aka blocked 5C 214D j.B. j.A spam works too to keep them in place if they like to jump. Course on CH you can just get 6C but if you were using this to get in then atleast you can take the hit and run with it into a combo.
  12. Villainous

    [CT] Taokaka FAQs

    So are there any good uses for 4D? I haven't worked it into my game yet.
  13. Villainous

    [CT] Taokaka Combo & BnB Thread

    Anyone know Carl combos at all? No one replied before =(
  14. Villainous

    [CT] Taokaka Combo & BnB Thread

    Ok so I'm having some trouble on a couple of the combos because I don't think they're physically possible. Namely ones like this: 6c -> 66 Taunt -> 236cc -> 2d~6 -> j.c -> 8d~6 -> j.c -> 8d~6 -> j.236bb -> j.c -> 8d~6 -> j.236bbb There's 3 8D~6's in that combo, but you can only do 2 in the air. How does that work exactly / what should it look like? Also the second 8D is techable in this combo. ALso for characters like Carl, what are the best combos on him off of 236CC start, 6A starter, and 3C starter? Oh and forward throw too.....I can't get anything to work on him.
  15. Villainous

    [CT] Taokaka Combo & BnB Thread

    So basically I have the choice of sacrificing 40-50 damage for a MUCH more consistent combo? Hellllllll yes. So basically it goes Hardest, Most reward: 6A j2D~b taunt 236C to easiest: 6A j5D~b taunt 236A. I opt for 5D 236C usually. I feel good, I pulled off a bunch of taunt combos in a real match vs a GOOD arakune player. They're really not that hard with a little practice.