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  1. Here's the link to the Tira combos but I notice that they're all air launchers. He'll post notations later http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP930WQSUSM&list=PL293CF9F7A3461E8C&index=4&feature=plpp_video

  2. I know it hurts when 3C comes out during those corner combos. But ever since I tried delaying 2C by just enough (just forcus on the dash) It has never happened. Phew! Usually when 3C comes by accident it catches people off guard anyway so it's a win win.
  3. Yup we tried her last night Lol. Messy but fun.

  4. Platinum is out. Have you tried her yet?

  5. Well, I can make the playlist private so anyone won't see anything embarrassing.

  6. Lol we were pretty bad on those lol, had you told me

  7. I think this is the video you wanted to see for practicing tsubaki. I'm still uploading at the moment up to the Ragna match.

  8. Yes, CS2... but I can only play on the weekends. Did we have a good connection? I'd love to play you again!

  9. "Omni, have you tried PF combo starters yet? Is it still possible to do 150 meter combos with stuff like 5CC>PF or 6C/PF or 2C>PF?" What is PF again? You mean particle?
  10. Do you still do continuum shift?

  11. Yah I am awesome, shoulda aced exams. As for the patch, when I logged in it said on dustloop its out lol so I don't know ^^

  12. May 31? thats too long, hope we can get the patch sooner. Hi there Sak, how are you doing? hope the answer is ok :P

  13. Since the download is independent of PSN, the patch is expected to come Thursday. We'll have to wait til May 31st for online and Plat.

  14. Lol well I suck for that though, but maybe when Im better; speaking of which the new version is out for CS so you can ty the new Tsubby, I'll check it when I get home but supposedly it is only 360 :/