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  1. woo qld players! are you strictly GG or do you dabble in BB as well? nice to make your acquaintance

  2. sup. Im also from bris ^^ More a GG player though hahahahaa

  3. Yea Im in QLD too ^^

  4. DUdez!!! do you have the vids? you have to upload us getting trashed :P
  5. currently watching your match with a iron tager. Nice nice nice matches with the offense. Reminds me of my own chipp hahahahaa. But damn iron tager aint flinching much AND, tech grab in blazblue is quite easy. Epic matches. Awesome. ^^

  6. Kasou

    sup dawg. nice games today against my jin lol. Im donutboy btw. It's a friends account but i will be using that account for a while. Im quite impressed by your skill level. Seems like there's finally some type of competition in aus :P hahahahaa. Do you play gg as well?

  7. Kasou

    Guilty Gear XX AC tutorial videos!

    this should definitely be stickied. Man even i haven't saw kensou's video until this post xD
  8. i just revived one of the links and put stuff into it too
  9. Kasou

    the chipp blog thread

    tsiisus still alive? WOW! ^^ how was he?
  10. Kasou

    Accent Core:Chipp Combos

    TO be honest it is totally possible but takes good timing, and good height. It depends how quickly you kick them, or how high/low you did your air dash. From past experiences it's easier to do it on heavier opponents. Personally due to it being so strict, i usually just forget the 6hs, and just do an air combo instead. ^^
  11. pretty much everything you expect is an overhead, IS an overhead. You don't have to wonder like tekken. If you see the opponent hop or go in the air, it's an overhead. If you see the opponent do a normal that takes a while to come out, chances are it's an overhead.
  12. Kasou

    Rise from your Grave: AC Chipp matchup thread

    5k against may isn't too reliable. Just make sure you time 5k just right after s© or rekka, or else get ready to eat a 2d into dolphin. From neutral state, it's best to dash in with 2s because it beats all her dolphins. Your 2d from a distance is pretty decent too but will lose to dolphins. Against Ino, your 2s would chop her out of her dash and also her sliding bullshit move.
  13. Kasou

    Rise from your Grave: AC Chipp matchup thread

    use 2s as your main poke.
  14. Kasou

    Chipp Match videos (Slash / Accent Core)

    228D (neutreul install)