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  1. sup. Im also from bris ^^ More a GG player though hahahahaa

  2. Yea Im in QLD too ^^

  3. DUdez!!! do you have the vids? you have to upload us getting trashed :P
  4. currently watching your match with a iron tager. Nice nice nice matches with the offense. Reminds me of my own chipp hahahahaa. But damn iron tager aint flinching much AND, tech grab in blazblue is quite easy. Epic matches. Awesome. ^^

  5. Kasou

    sup dawg. nice games today against my jin lol. Im donutboy btw. It's a friends account but i will be using that account for a while. Im quite impressed by your skill level. Seems like there's finally some type of competition in aus :P hahahahaa. Do you play gg as well?

  6. Kasou

    Guilty Gear XX AC tutorial videos!

    this should definitely be stickied. Man even i haven't saw kensou's video until this post xD
  7. i just revived one of the links and put stuff into it too
  8. Kasou

    the chipp blog thread

    well the aim of this thread is to blog about your chipp on the days you've played.... simple ------------------------------------------------------------- anyway so yea, today was meant to be a kof XI day (on console that is) but we managed to squeeze in guilty gear as well, since me and one of my mates had to train for the upcoming OHN tourney in australia on sat and sun. But blah, if you're wondering about how XI is, well it's actualli pretty decent on console, with the new characters having some realli neat/crazy link combos (i.e NGBC kyo). And we also found this "AUTO COMBO" button, which is retarded. It would auto do combos into DREAM CANCEL if your player had meter. Pretty neat, and a good laugh. But blah, all together there were like 4/5 of us. And me and the only other gg player (i'll call him young JEDI!) decided to whine and play gg, becoz while we left for buying food, the other two were just practicing combos and didn't seem like wanting to play any other matches when we came back. So bleh, we decided to play gg. Now seriously, i haven't touched gg for nearly a month now, and the last time i've played i was playing someone who was only about 60% my level, so bleh. Anywayz the matches i had with chipp was basically just, MAY, and MAY, and MAY, and just a noobie testament. But yea... apart from the young jedi, all others were just like... i dunno, scared to play me, coz they're noobs? But yea, i would accidentally (note the sarcasm) rape them so bad, and they'll just scream out in frustration xD anywayz, so yea. I was, as usual, crazy and aggressive as hell with chipp. Got hit by that stupid may's 2d that stays there like FOREVER, twice. Luckily he didn't followup with dolphin frc combo, becoz he's stupid. But yea..... OTG gamma, dash, 2p/s©, 22hs crossover teleport, is half duckable. Which is kinda gay at times. It's realli good against average players, or pplz who haven't played against chipp much, but yea, i got 2d'ed out of it a few times, which was weird. Shrug... maybe i should do fdc to make sure i land on that stupid loli's head. But yea.... remember to use your dust button quite often. And since it's on advantage after block, you can spam 2d afterwards, or woteva. Dun have to jump away. That REALLI pisses young jedi off, and actually many players..... but yea funniest thing of the day, was when my other two friends played against young jedi. And whenever young jedi got hit by pot's PB after blocking a mega fist, i get realli frustrated at how poor young jedi was playing. ANd i was like, "ZOMFG, how many times are you falling for that? gee, use 5k, IT"S NOT THROWABLE AFTERWARDS YOU NOOB!" And everytime i said that they'll laugh their heads off... They were saying how young jedi relatively didn't give a crap, while i (who was NOT PLAYING) was getting so upset and angry. xD ah.. sigh. But yea, i don't know, maybe im frustrated coz my only "COMPETITION" in aus sucks like hell. And young jedi being the only potential player screws up all the bloody time just makes me wanna cry... anyway..... that's bout all. I'll write how everything went in my matches in the upcoming tournament. Casual and non casual. I heard i'll be up against this top japanese national player. :blue: i hope i can nail him...... lolz anyway...
  9. Kasou

    the chipp blog thread

    tsiisus still alive? WOW! ^^ how was he?
  10. Kasou

    Accent Core:Chipp Combos

    TO be honest it is totally possible but takes good timing, and good height. It depends how quickly you kick them, or how high/low you did your air dash. From past experiences it's easier to do it on heavier opponents. Personally due to it being so strict, i usually just forget the 6hs, and just do an air combo instead. ^^
  11. pretty much everything you expect is an overhead, IS an overhead. You don't have to wonder like tekken. If you see the opponent hop or go in the air, it's an overhead. If you see the opponent do a normal that takes a while to come out, chances are it's an overhead.
  12. Kasou

    Rise from your Grave: AC Chipp matchup thread

    5k against may isn't too reliable. Just make sure you time 5k just right after s© or rekka, or else get ready to eat a 2d into dolphin. From neutral state, it's best to dash in with 2s because it beats all her dolphins. Your 2d from a distance is pretty decent too but will lose to dolphins. Against Ino, your 2s would chop her out of her dash and also her sliding bullshit move.
  13. Kasou

    Rise from your Grave: AC Chipp matchup thread

    use 2s as your main poke.
  14. Kasou

    Chipp Match videos (Slash / Accent Core)

    228D (neutreul install)
  15. Kasou

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    um, sorry that i wasn't clear. I said it would just be an automatic harder matchup for chipp if the opponent can do tensionless big damage off a throw as well. I never said that was the end of the hard matchups for chipp. Btw, imo i don't think johnny is a problem to fight against at all. Hell chipp's 6p goes through his 5k, 6k and s(f) pretty easily; johnny has no easy way out of chipp's frame traps; his 2hs is very baitable and punishable with just a single jump or a well spaced gamma blade. Other than that, chipp's got his 6p for a decent anti air, making it hard for johnny to get in, and 6hs for corner lock down. Basically it's dead even. to elaborate further, johnny usually needs a coin and tension to create a good enough mixup to catch any player off guard and deal the big damage. This is a bit different from the other characters i was talking about, where a single throw can already deal the big damage without any tension/spacing at all. Anyway, maybe i'm just used to the matchup. Shrug, but i've played my fair share of good johnny's so Im standing quite firm on this one.
  16. Kasou

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    of course this is my opinion, so that's like: eddie, jam, may, pot and sol. Not really half the cast.
  17. Kasou

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    pretty much anyone that can do a lot of damage off a single throw/high/low mixup without tension is an automatic 6:4 against chipp. It's like one knockdown, one combo, and 2 random hits is all it takes to end chipp's life.
  18. Kasou

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    i still think it's about 6 for baiken. I mean the scary thing about fighting against a millia, and what makes millia playable, is that if she knocks you down you're in for some serious trouble. But baiken pretty much cuts that game down pretty effectively with her counters (or at least dumbs it down). Then you've got a millia who can't get in on the ground against baiken (since her ground game isn't that strong to begin with). Worse still she can't even really get in from the air with pin. Which leaves her only true guarantee damage option from anti airs/air throws and random knockdowns (which doesn't do much damage). Then she gets her okizeme, but again it's effectiveness is already cut down. Pretty much from the above the millia player seems to need to work a lot harder than the baiken player for pressure and damage and needs to do a lot more guesswork. Hence it is not just a slightly bad matchup, it should at least be a 6-4 for baiken. If the baiken player is smart, they only have to play patiently and they have a high chance to win against millia.
  19. Kasou

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    after reading tgs's post it just confirms what kurumster said - that it is a hard matchup for millia because she has to step her game up.
  20. Kasou

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    sorry, i don't understand where you're coming from. Can you elaborate in detail? Are you talking about building and damage caused by guard meter should be factored out of tier lists? (possibly cause it's situational? Or cause it's more dependent on the players than the actual character?) I'm sure you have a point somewhere but I think you just haven't explained yourself clearly. Sorry
  21. Kasou

    the chipp blog thread

    The alpha blade RC thing is very normal. You must have accidentally jump installed it by accident by either (doing the motion 2369p, or you started with a jump attack which caused the combo to have AUTOMATIC jump install). I know it sucks, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. As for key binds, i heard in EVO it was allowed, but in other tournaments it isn't. Personally I say get/build a stick. It'll be fun to build your own stick ^^ (not that i have xD)
  22. Kasou

    the chipp blog thread

    Hahahaha, Yea this is where the chipp players gather (not that there are many) to just whinge, whine and just share experiences. So yea, you came to the right place. Fresh meat player? Nice. Your combo isn't too bad. I mean my bro's best combo back then was just dash in deep 2pxn, 2d, OTG gamma. And he still beasted my newbie ass. Oh let's not forget he loved to use his stupid 632146hs overdrive as an anti air(the overdrive that chipp flys everywhere. like, ULTIMATE SPIDER style). He was like GOD-LIKE! when i didn't know how to FD. SIgh, memories. Your buddy rage quit xD. Lolz. I hope he comes back for more and hopefully he farmed up or something. Coz if he doesn't wanna play you anymore, it's just that coz he has no competitive spirit. Now if he's your ONLY competition, i suggest not improving too fast xD. But that's just me. But yea, since you live next to kensou, you dun have to care about your buddy, and just maybe tag along with kensou to some tournies or something. Yea, try to summon kensou or lil majin for some help, especially since some of the most important threads have been deleted, and it's a bitch to rewrite it all. But dun worry, im writing as we speak ><. SIgh-age.
  23. can we change the title of all the stupid/silly questions thread into "general questions" thread. I think it'll make the forums look a bit more friendly to newcomers ^^" (i personally would love to keep those names but yea)
  24. i've posted a thread named "Guilty gear basics 101: your training guide" in both foundation and guilty gear centre. I have stickied them both. Hopefully it should attract all newbs attention and they'll read it. Anyway hope that helps, and if you don't think it does, maybe we have to move stuff around? i dunno. Oh yea, if you think my writing sucks, feel free to edit what i wrote....