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  1. Hey man, good to see you at the event! Shame the boys in blue pulled the plug, eh? Hope you at least got a chance to play Turtles in casuals! PEACE!

  2. I mean REALLY! AC+ is out on console! Hold a Tourney I say! Where the heck's Numakie?!
  3. So, whata heck happened?
  4. No more tourneys or something? Were they at? Where the heck did everyone go?
  5. Me and my pot are going steady....
  6. Well, if someone can let me borrow the $3 to enter, I promise to repay them back after I win.... LOL Oh, and I'll gladly lend my irressistable voice for commentary.
  7. This channel sucks....LOL

  8. Guess we can wait until after Persona 4 and GG comes out on PSN and XBL. We can all use a break, I guess. Although I'd like to keep on PLAYING!!!!
  9. Would anybody here enter a TMNT: Tournament Fighters Tournament if one was held?
  10. Where the results???
  11. Strong chance of another TMNT Tournament Fighters Tourney on May 26th. Not sure, but we'll see!
  12. Been missing them tournaments too much lately. I'll see if I can make it to this one...
  13. I vote for more Turtles Tournaments.