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    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    Oh I see, well I hav'nt been there recently but the owner showed me the hard disc for GGAC but he chose to keep XX up insted. but we should deffinantly try to persuade their purchase of GGAC set up a tournament for support/motive.
  2. Lazreal

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    Well as an alternative the Arcade in Upland, Ca known as James Games has GGXXAC but the owner has chosen to keep XX up, his reason why when I asked was that XX did better. I'm sure if enough people go and request him putting Accent Core on insted he would be happy to take our quarters.
  3. Lazreal

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    So whats up with the Guilty Gear scene in SoCal? I've been away for a long while but I know there isn't many of us. So wheres all the competition at? Hit me up if your in the San Bernardino County Area 909 277 8361
  4. Lazreal

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    player 1 HS is broken at AI, why!!!!, do people still go there?
  5. Lazreal

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol General Discussion

    I was just getting used to all the limitations of HOS sucking Assickles, Now he's gonna be exploding all across the stage. Was that FB move in the vid from his charge or just standing position? and Did LV2 623.HS have greater untechable time? i couldn't make out the beat' but they fell to the ground
  6. Lazreal

    AC: Ky Kiske Discussion

    I doubt 6HS will be better then his current one GS looks good for it not being loopable No more loops " said ArcSys
  7. Is there in FRC button in the arcade? nope, so ... nope Robo users think they need it though
  8. Lazreal

    the chipp blog thread

    Was playing CHipp against JO's Johnny did pretty good few, near perfects 236.S pressure wasn't working he would 2HS or somethin so i went back to the usual pressure stuff block string into 5HS IAD j.2K crossover stuff just kepping him switching his block and mixing a blocked string with 22.S then 22.D as they pursue your semi-retreat with 22.S backdash 41236.HS and scoring alot of CH.6P which led to big damage combo 6P-6HS>TK 236.P 5HS.JC j.D for oki after this i would low air dash to other side then DJ back towards foe as they rise using j.HS or S i didn't really use shurikens or ninjashading, i forget about his ninja shading always but now i see i could use it after otg 41236.HS in the corner OTG 41236.HS run-in P-P-S.c-S.f-HS>22.D Airthrow worked for the kill all in all i shoulda recorded the matches huh o well
  9. you guys should just load it hdd-ps2 style so the lens doesn't go blind I have a werly upid westion.?>?>,:/ Is it possible to combo to dizzy and insta-kill and beat glitch it so it seems like it comboed? kinda Hokoto No Ken style which brings me to this ttp://gameads.gamepressure.com/tv_game_commercial.asp?ID=2840 is it a manga game?
  10. Lazreal

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    L.P. = Limited Play 5-25 minutes E.P.=Extended Play 30 and Up minutes of music Meaningless Movement the words of Sepultura
  11. Lazreal

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Anyone up for some GuiltyGear Slash in the Rialto/Ontario/San Bernadino area I got that and a Multitude of other fighting games and have some High Level play Good Times