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  1. LunarSelenia

    [CP] Tsubaki Changes and Discussion

    I'm not used to charge moves so I see myself doing random 6C outta nowhere from fullscreen >>;; Also her colors look nice, too bad there's no purple color D: I might roll with default or #6. Edit: Still here, semi-lurker status
  2. The longest Hiatus evah :333

  3. I was wondering where you went.

  4. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    Okay I don't know when they plan to stream, started the bracket and everything is set up. Everything is nothing but lies
  5. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    Streaming will commence soon...as soon as these bozos stop fooling around on the game and get everything set up
  6. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    You don't need to apologize O.o;; that wasn't my intention DX
  7. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    Mystic d has Technika stuff to handle....I don't blame him for not keeping up with this >>;;
  8. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    Singles Tournament fee will be a total of $10 per person. $5 venue and $5 prize pool. Singles tournaments will be a double-elimination bracket with seeding being given to all players with points (including i points) for the season. Tournament payout structure is 60/30/10. Doubles Tournament fee will be a total of $10 per person. $5 venue and $5 prize pool. I believe there will be some leftover money from the venue fees. This money can be either A) distributed equally back to everyone who entered the tournament or B) saved and used for future use in a tournament for possibly a cheaper venue fee or bigger prize pool. It's really up to the community as I am open to whatever. Teams will be assigned at random. The idea behind this tournament is to have fun and help the community grow. This allows newer players to experience higher level play and meet other members of the community in a competitive, but friendly environment. Format will be Waseda style. This means that both teams will (blindly) pick a "Player A" and a "Player B." A plays against A, B plays against B, and if the match still isn't decided, then the winners from each team will play against each other. Doubles tournaments will be run as a round robin if there are 6 teams or less, otherwise they will be run as a double-elimination bracket. There will be no seeding for doubles tournaments. Tournament payout structure is 80/20. Exception: Second place team is guaranteed $5 per player.
  9. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    Results and Point Standings Point breakdown is as follows: 1st - 4 points 2nd - 2 points 3rd - 1 point 4th - i points i points will be used to break ties. Season 2 Current Standings: 1st - Tokyoboi808 [TG] - 8 2nd - AkiraS [RG] - 6 3rd - BeaverDeity - 4 4th - Mystic d [TK] - 2 + i 5th - itsme [HK] - 1 + 2i February 4, 2012: Singles/Doubles Tournament @ Mystic d's house: Singles: 1st - AkiraS [RG] 2nd - Tokyoboi808 [TG] 3rd - itsme [HK] 4th - Mystic d [TK] Doubles: 1st - AkiraS [RG] / Mystic d [TK] 2nd - Tokyoboi808 [TG] / RGecko [JI] March 3, 2012: Singles/Doubles Tournament @ iPoke's House Singles: 1st - Tokyoboi [TG] 2nd - Mystic d [TK] 3rd - AkiraS [RG] 4th - itsme [HK] Doubles: 1st - Mystic d [TK] / LunarisSkye [TS] 1st - Beaverdeity [LA] / iPoke [HK] 3rd - AkiraS [RG] / itsme [HK] March 17, 2012: Tournament @ KawaiiKon 2012, Hawaii Convention Center Tournament (not counted towards points): 1st - AkiraS [RG] 2nd - Beaverdeity [LA] 3rd - Tokyoboi808 [TG] 4th - itsme [HK] April 7, 2012: Singles/Doubles @ iPoke's House Singles: Bracket: [link] 1st - BeaverDeity [LA] 2nd - Tokyoboi808 [TG] 3rd - Amatou [RG] 4th - itsme [HK] Doubles: Bracket: [link] 1st - Somethingwithacat (Mystic d [TK] / Potato [RG]) 1st - RKelly (itsme [HK] / AzureVermillion [NO]) 1st - WeloveTsunderes (Amatou [RG]) [Three way tie] 4th - FuckDrawSomething (Tokyoboi808 [TG] / iPoke [HK]) 5th - TeamTacos (BeaverDeity [LA] / Theis [LI]) 6th - WretchedEgg (SolarMisae [MU] / RGecko [JI]) Danisen Standings Advanced Bracket AkiraS [RG/HK] Tokyoboi808 [TG/AR] Mystic d [TK/TG] itsme [HK/PL] Intermediate Bracket LunarisSkye [TS] LowTierGuy [bA] RGecko [JI] BeaverDeity [LA] SolarMisae [MU] Beginner Bracket iPoke [HK] Peyton [RG] Potato [RG] AzureVermillion [NO] Theis [LI] Season 1 Results: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?12442-808-BB-Beatdown-Season-1&p=1131363&viewfull=1#post1131363
  10. LunarSelenia

    808 BB Beatdown Season 2 [v.2.0]

    Mystic d passed on the responsibility of keeping this up to date to me. New thread so that I can have OP and edit/modify everything. Welcome to Hawaii's very own Blazblue scene! We are very excited to start up our monthly ranbats here in the 808. Ranbats will be held on the first Saturday of every month! There will be an event every Saturday. See schedule below for details Events will be streamed here: Roku_B @ Twitch.tv [There is no set schedule yet for this, updates of when stream will be up will be posted in the thread] Our facebook group: Hawaii Blazblue Community Youtube Account: RokuBB @ Youtube LAST UPDATE: 4/20/12 - Updated Events NEXT EVENT: April 28th, 2012 - Danisen @ ??? [TBA] Schedule: January January 21, 2012: Casuals @ Tokyoboi's house January 28, 2012: Danisen @ Tokyoboi's house February February 4, 2012: Singles Tournament @ Mystic d's house February 11, 2012: Danisen@ Mystic d's house February 18, 2012: Casuals @ ??? February 25, 2012: Danisen @ ??? March March 3, 2012: Singles Tournament @ iPoke's House March 10, 2012: Casuals @ ??? March 17, 2012: Tournament @ KawaiiKon 2012, Hawaii Convention Center March 24, 2012: Casuals @ ??? March 31, 2012: Danisen @ Tokyoboi's House April April 7, 2012: Singles Tournament @ iPoke's House April 14, 2012: Danisen @ Mystic d's house April 21, 2012: Casuals @ NO EVENT THIS WEEK April 28, 2012: Danisen @ ??? May May 5, 2012: Singles Tournament @ ??? May 12, 2012: CELEBRATE END OF SCHOOL EVENT @ ??? May 19, 2012: Casuals @ ??? May 26, 2012: Danisen @ ??? June June 2, 2012: Singles Tournament @ ??? June 9, 2012: Danisen @ ??? June 16, 2012: Casuals @ ??? June 23, 2012: Danisen @ ??? June 30, 2012: END OF SEASON 2 TOURNAMENT @ ???
  11. Mmmm thanks for that. Wasn't too sure considering I haven't played a Haku in awhile and can't go to check myself, decided to ask. Also good luck w/ Video editing :3
  12. LunarSelenia

    [CS1-CSE] Tsubaki Self-Improvement and Critique Thread

    ME TOO O___o;;; I really miss that. I can confirm 22A CH > 5A > 5C > 2C > air combo but it's not as satisfying as landing that IAD into the corner like in CS2 :3
  13. Was against our Hakumen player in the Singles tournament this past Sat. Didn't get far (also was my first match and I JUST woke up from a nap and had to play lol ) But I managed to land that air combo > orb > land 22D setup. Felt so good~ that one is esp. fun~ but considering it's Hakumen, do you think they can wake up and slash the orb for projectile barrier? or would it not be enough time for them to do that? *can't go in lab atm*
  14. New players will always appreciate it. In all honestly I learned my Tsubaki through the usual, experience...but I got started getting interested with Batou's Tsu Exhibitions in CS2 and because of the organized FAQ here :3 It really helps, especially during those times where you know NOTHING about your character~ EDIT: I've been sifting through posts/thread here I can NOT find that post X___X;; it was rather small, I'll try find it. DOUBLE EDIT: I found it, it was in the old Combo Discussion page for CS2. Basically what Batou said is you also have to be aware of your height positioning for what you prop them up with 6CC etc.
  15. the 623C > j.236A(w) > j.214D existed in CS2, I know Batou had a good post earlier in the Simple Question (or was it the General Discussion, I forget) but that advice actually helped me learn that timing. I can do it whenever now without hesistation (except from 2P side cuz my TV has lag >>;; ) it sounds redundant but it's really all about delays and spacing out that j.236A so it doesn't hit. Too fast and it will hit, too slow and the j.214D will whiff. Just don't mash it out :3