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  1. i basically got to where i am with lambda through dustloop and watching your combo videos so i've gotta say thank you. my youtube name is ezio43

  2. Im ur best friend that's all u need to know <:3

  3. Ahh another Kira we should play sometime whenever u become available PM meh w/e ya wanna play
  4. Wow no i don't who are you LOL

  5. lol wow I recovered my account a day early b4 it reached a year of me being absent here

  6. You know who this is lol

  7. Yo wats up finally recovered my account again

  8. Haven't posted anything on this site in a while lol hey if any1's up for games PM me im always down for matches
  9. If its a fighting game that im interested in I excel in it and I dunno why myself lol

  10. Damn dude, is there any game you're not good at? :/ and why don't you ever come to NCI, you would surely beat anyone there no problem!

  11. Haha wassup bro I might be droppn CS im enjoying AH3 alot more than bb hopefully cs2 will turn out good till then i dunno about our FT10 when u visit cali

  12. when i get to cali we're gonna runback that ft10 *hint hint*

  13. Haha any1 that likes Saki I see thats kool bro yea u should definitely do that btw have u tried out the Umineko game? that game is pretty fun to play u outta give it a try sometime