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  1. jimmy

    [P4AU] Aigis Q&A Thread

    basically just do an IAD motion (9 6) and hit AC right after you hit 6. so basically IAD airturn It's pretty godlike but there are a lot ways around it, people can evade on the ground, jump airgrab etc
  2. jimmy

    [P4A/P4AU] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    please don't make my beautiful wife cry words can hurt you know :mad:
  3. jimmy

    [P4A/P4AU] XBL Match Finder/GG Thread

    yah you're the first aigis I've met on xbl who is good at the game I actually think the mirror is pretty fun but whenever I play it I think "man this character is cheap" haha :ballAI:
  4. awwwww shit maidsports afterparty fantastic pic btw
  5. frankly, at gamejunkie there are often more people playing ah3 than any other game (I think two saturdays ago there were two simultaneous AH3 setups), how that translates to numbers at events at I dunno
  6. people are formally invited to mash at my place afterwards since GJ runs on normal people time if you live far away or like maidsports you're also welcome to stay over i can't guarantee that you will get muffins but you might :ballAI:
  7. ayy I had fun, felt like I only played like fifteen minutes of casuals though big thanks to alan for going out of his way to make shit the hotness, and eric for giving anime a baller venue as always also dai for running a smooth pool ggs to everyone I played in tournament/casuals, had fun in my matches vs mashdat5a, spiritjuice and boog, don't really remember who else I played besides another aigis in casuals next tourney I'll try to stay out of the laptop fighters vortex aigis uber alles :ballAI:
  8. walk from the megabus station/30th to copabanana isn't bad at all, I've done it dozens of times at varying hours, most of the property you walk through is colleges anyway not to say that shit won't happen, but it's better than half of philly just don't walk north of market street :ballAI:
  9. jimmy

    [P4A] Aigis Gameplay Discussion

    If you're playing against a bad player, fullscreen orgia dash jC will work everytime, as soon as the jC connects (it will always hit them) just do j236D and ignore neutral for the remainder of the round. This will literally work 100% of the time. against a good opponent do this and they will probably block and punish you for not properly confirming into firespin so you actually have to play
  10. Depends on whether I'm taking car or septa but between seven and eight-thirty friday night, and yeah I'm pretty hype even though I've completely neglected this game the last few weeks, this might be my first time in a BB tourney with more than 12 entrants since CT's launch lol Also anyone in the area planning on importing extend this month? I'm probably going to, but don't wanna be stuck in training mode and netplay and I'm sort of hoping a new release will revitalize local interest but it seems doubtful
  11. well it looks like we'll be having a party in philly woot?
  12. I can bring BB for 360 tomorrow, if anyone wants to play PS3 though they gotta bring their own copy. Also was planning to play mbaa with nadakaineko sometime after five What time would people be interested in showing up?
  13. jimmy

    [CS2] ยต12 General Discussion - Alt230

    lol I personally think it's better to be higher and strike everyone harder, playing a low-tier is no fun