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  1. Just now Asia version has patch 1.03, is there any update?
  2. I would like to ask some questions about Izanami

    -Does she have any universal anti air combo? When you see opponent jump in, would you do 6A starter?  it seem that when opponent is too high, the regular combo with (8) 5B 5C 3C doesn't connect.

    -the combo that open the funnel mode at the middle, consist of (air) 2C 6C 5D 2B 6D 5B 6B 3C Fire part.  Will this connect if opponent is not on the corner?


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    2. Complexity


      If you CH you just fl.5b after and it doesn't matter.

      Without CH you need to delay j.63214b and try to pick it up from there. 

    3. Complexity


      And sometimes if he's too high it's uncomboable so just let it go if that happens to you, unless you somehow manage to do 41236d before that.

    4. Starkaiser
  3. I do not understand, if it is something like twitter and Discord then how can you find what you interest? For example, I only want to look at discussion about Izanami gameplay then is there a twitter topic for Izanami only thing? Sound to me like those are only meant for general chat.
  4. So sad to see how this forum is barely active now. I know a lot of people come back for playing the last episode, since my in-game friends are adding rapidly, but forum vice it seem that each character thread are last updated by months ago, and even the main forum has barely any discussion. It is unlike what happened during CS/CP days where post are replied everyday.
  5. Starkaiser

    BBCPE Hitbox Viewer by Dantarion!

    Can we get actual data from BBCF yet? it seem all the data in the wiki frame data are from BBCPEX now
  6. Could anybody answer me of how to get blue color that JP get for their preorder? Because there was no pre-order for Asia version, and I don't see the store is selling it. It is color #22 btw. (Name Playstation 4 color)
  7. Hi there.   I heard you just recently get this. How come your Izanami already so strong?   How did you practice such difficult combo lol?   I am so jealous >,<

    1. Complexity


      The combos aren't difficult but tricky to do in lag.

    2. Starkaiser


      have some question on her regular. 

      -combo start with 6A for anti-air, it is very height sensitive, is there any universal combo to not worry about height?

      -after finish combo, usually everyone will open the funnel, and use that bone barrier, then oki quickly using 63214D.  I usually not be able to do these fast enough before opponent wake up. Is there any trick on how to press the button?  after you open the funnel, it seem you have to wait until her motion end before pressing the bone barrier 263B?  or you can buffer something in between? 

  8. But the Demo of NA version is already there right? Is there english voice on character when fighting at least?
  9. Uh, I just seen this Asia version has Japanese voice with English/Chinese/ Japanese subtitle to choose. So, I want to ask about the old rumor saying that there will be no English voice, is it still confirmed? Because I see no point that NA region to be released after the superior version that have multiple subtitle already exist there for download...
  10. Starkaiser

    [CF] Λ -11- General Discussion Thread

    I just play her from this current demo, it seem she get little buff with the new moves set, but her 236D stun time seem less than before. At least, I can still see that she is better than v-13 now due to how badly that one nerfed down. After watching combo video from youtube, I think lamda can connect any initial hit into her combo, except regular 22D hit and 236B~6A hit. I really hope someone make a combo for those two openning because they land hit the most often in real game. It is a pity if the hit is only meant for poke.
  11. Starkaiser

    [CF] Λ -11- Critique, FAQ, and Q&A Thread

    Hi, I would like to ask if there is any good follower after she landing a hit on 22D? I hope this skill is not one time poke only. Another situation that might come often is that when you use 236B and let opponent guard on the mid, they will react against low guard for 6B next, but if you could hit them with 236A overhead, what can you follow after that? I also hope this is just not one time poke thing. note: 236B~6A > 5B > 6A > 5C > 6C > 236D > 66 > 4D > 2D > JC > j.D > j.6D > JC > j.D > j.214D (3422) This does not work if you make a contact to opponent with 236B first. it require very precious 6A timing to jump at the right distant above opponent. So it is different to my situation where 236B hit first.
  12. Hello there, please check PM!!  and I tried to add you in PSN!! Tinklers?


  13. Starkaiser

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    omg, don't tell me that future Nu combo gonna be like mu-12 where you have to put those during combo to make it connect... I would change back to play lamda if that happened. And then again, I hope the stun from sickle is longer now, because if main combo gonna be with sickle>gravity. the current frame is too hard to pull it 100% correctly.
  14. Starkaiser

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    -What do you mean about losing Spike chaser? 3C>236D~214B>5DD> ... THAT is my current problem and hardest part for me to perform it successfully during match! I would hate to start with this unless they allow more gap time. 236D~214D instantly hurt the arm a lot, because you basically twist them opposite direction way in very fast. uhm, why are they making her weaker when she doesn't win any Japan tournament as no.1 this year at all. (Only Sean 2015, but that is because only few JP plays) And nowadays Ragna who used to be weak with her match up now, is either on par or better, and he keep getting buff. Hope Ragna and Jin also nerf?
  15. Starkaiser

    [CPE] ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    From available info, do you guys think that Nu-13 in CF will be weaker or stronger than now?