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    Active DBFZ forums

    https://sites.google.com/view/dbfzhbtchamber - character combo guides and other random tech for cast https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fhlq7qASMlUHDd978Eh0b2x_DC5H55spIF-BvPpdkT4/edit - list of discords for each character https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vStxd3co41pIsJuRt98kl_EQDaAxjHnHP1y76kzU8018Wv_MAhYUqV7ATyTWUkGddxMJQSt-05vbDL_/pubhtml# - spreadsheet with pages and combos for most of cast (some missing at time of this post, notable majin buu and couple others having nothing or just one combo) Dont know of any forums with dustloop and srk mostly dead. /dbfz/ and /fgg/ generals on 4chan I guess if you count that. Most just post to twitter or dozens of different discords now.
  2. KirbyMorph

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    I still think its a Mu-like unlock code where you can play the game and unlock or bypass for a couple dollars/free with preorder. So youd probably get Terumi for beating 6 heroes section of story or instantly with preorder. At least I hope thats how it works.
  3. Hey, I don't think I've ever contacted you before, but I noticed that you also live in Nova Scotia!

  4. KirbyMorph

    Killer Instinct (2013)

    So much misinformation. 1) It's a retail game with flat price for all content 2) It has a demo with Jago as free playable character for all modes, including single player and training and online, with option to buy seperate characters if you want just say Fulgore and no one else or upgrade to full version 3) It's not digital only. All games are digital day one, as is Killer Instinct. It has a boxed version. 4) It will have a season pass for DLC. Costumes mentioned. Possible classic costumes for the DLC. Maybe characters. Unclear. Sounds like MK9/Injustice model.
  5. KirbyMorph

    Killer Instinct (2013)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6LP8Qd8QOM Trailer for those interested. Surprised no Fulgore shown.
  6. KirbyMorph

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    This game was on the NCI stream after CSEX. Goddamn, why isnt this being localized? Looked like crazy fun.
  7. KirbyMorph

    BBCSEX Importing Question

    JP extend had a limited edition. kinda. came with a noel hug pillow at some sites and most had the soundtrack bundled with it and some phone cards.
  8. KirbyMorph

    [CS2] µ12 General Discussion - Alt230

    Just reading the mu page and 2c says "Ragna's only fatal-counter attack, ". the entire description of 2c sounds like its copy and pasted from ragna. even the image of mu doing 2c says ragna. edit: oh and this isnt a complaint/bitching. just dont know how to edit the wiki/dont want to mess it up.
  9. KirbyMorph

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=zPscCmFWm30#t=81s you can see the 3c (ch) combo there. they are airborne for the 5c, so the kishuu will cancel it and put you next to where they land. and the hotaru combo is mistaken, should be j.c, 214a instead of j.2c.
  10. KirbyMorph

    [CS2-CSE] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 9.23)

    Sorry, must have missed that skimming the last couple of pages. thanks for the heads up.
  11. KirbyMorph

    [CS2-CSE] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 9.23)

    Are there any noteable combos for extend with mu that changed? All the OP combos seem to work in training. Any specific sections that should be changed up? The only thing i really seem to see different is 2c otg instead of 2b.
  12. KirbyMorph

    [CS2/EX] Hakumen Info and Discussion

    Couple other midscreen combos from extend. might be off in notation/numbers a bit. doing from memory. (2) 3c (CH), 2B, 214A, IAD, j.B, j.A, land, 5C, 623A, 2C, j.B, j.2A, air dash, j.2A, j.C ~3.1k damage (3) hotaru, delay slightly, iad, j.c, land, 214A, iad, j.B, j.A, land, 2c, j.2a, dash, j.2a, j.c ~3k damage (3) 6a (anti air counter), hop, 236b (1), 623a, 2c, j.b, j.2a, air dash, j.b, j.a, land, 2c, j.2a, air dash, j.2a, j.c ~3.4k dmg
  13. KirbyMorph

    [CSE] Noel Vermillion C-C-C-COMBO COMPILATION!!!

    I ended up getting it working. It wasnt actually connecting on the second hit. It just looked like it was. They were teching just as it animated. Seems to be just really tight on the timing of the dash to make it connect. HexaNoid was right on me just not dashing as soon as possible to cover the distance to keep them high enough. Apologies for any confusion over this and thanks for the help with it. I should have just practiced more when I got home from work before posting for help.
  14. KirbyMorph

    [CSE] Noel Vermillion C-C-C-COMBO COMPILATION!!!

    Its as soon as the bullet fires from the gun. They dont wall bound at all. It connects and hit counter goes up, then they tech instantly before hitting the wall/faling to the ground for the juggle part. I'll try working on my dash when i get home. I spent about 20 mins on it early and just couldnt get it to connect despite doing those juggles and haida loops in cs2 and other 22c dash related combos in that version. Thanks for the help. i'll see if i can improve my dash timing and see if that makes it work.
  15. KirbyMorph

    [CSE] Noel Vermillion C-C-C-COMBO COMPILATION!!!

    Not sure if this is the place to put it, but others are marked for cs2 and its combo related - Ive got extend and noel's corner combos are giving me trouble. after 22bbbbbc~66c (2), they always tech as i go for j.4d, 6b, 6c, 214d part. in general, im having problems with the silencer parts of combos. Im not sure if its the new input (hold b) or what. tried doing the old manual push b way too, but they keep teching off wall bounce from the 6c (2). they tech the instant they get hit by the second hit of 6c. do i have too many 22b's from the silencer or something? the combo im doing currently is i think challenge 11 or 12 in the corner with 6b, 6c, 2c (2 hits), 5c, 3c, 22b(think there are 6 hits, not sure off top of head)c~66, 6c (2), j.4d, d.6b, d.6c, d.214d, 6c, j.d, (forget rest, think its d.5d, d.5c, d.236d, fenrir). ive watched the computer do it a bunch of times, but only difference i saw was letting 2c hit twice,w hich i started doing instead of quickly going to 5c. didnt change the instant tech on 6c(2)'s second hit. could do all her combos in cs2 for reference. is it just dashing too slow after 22c?