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  1. FoxyAreku

    [CS1] Tsubaki vs Tager

    I always end up with 5 charges in this matchup. Of course that's vs. online tagers. >_>
  2. Can you add me to the XBL gamertag list? I'd appreciate it. :3

  3. FoxyAreku

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Arakune

    Fought my first Arakune online yesterday, he's been really rare for me. I got him down to only a sliver of health left when I had full, he then cursed me and took out my entire bar. Maybe I should work on dealing with curse...
  4. FoxyAreku

    [CS1] Noel Guide

    Been doing that since I started CS cause CT habits die hard. You can only do the throw cancel once though I believe, and you should really do it just if you wanna be flashy or something, cause you'll usually get slightly more damage from only doing one 6C then doing JD into haida.
  5. You're welcome. Hey, I was just trying to tell the truth. Actually, I'm glad there was no fanboy or fangirl flamed me for that. :kitty:

  6. Was about to say, an infraction for helping? You silly. :v: No big though~

  7. ffffff ignore the infraction I just gave you. :v:

  8. "Because real competitive players don't act like fanboys/fangirls. " This made me laugh for a whole minute, thank you for brightening my day. Been pretty boring so far. :3

  9. I haz work during the week sadly, so unless you are awake after midnight (central) we may have to wait till the weekend. But sure I'll send you a friend request when I get home. ^^

  10. Yeah i'll be on a little later. I'm not very good (nowhere near average dustloop level) but if you still want to play just send me a friend request and i'll invite you whenever i make rooms :v:

  11. Hoorah thanks for accepting the friend request. Thought we'd get along, you seemed funny. Maybe we can play CS sometime? :3 Cheers.

  12. No objection! I definitely like fighting her more then Haku. Especially with the NoelxTsubaki dialogue. Just as long as we both don't pick tsubaki, mirror matches always suck. D: We should play this weekend or something, I feel I'm actually decent at CS. :3

  13. TSUBAKI It's been telling me to sub her for months now :3

  14. Must say, I love your avatar on here. XD

  15. FoxyAreku


    She's not insignificant, especially now that she's in the NOL. Really, no character is insignificant in the plot anymore. They are all the 'chosen ones' after all. And yes, Litchi is pretty deep. She has a detailed backstory, she puts on a cover of a normal doctor, but has so much to her. She also has the most options available to her in gameplay. Though you can make the argument that no one in this game is *amazingly deep*, I wouldn't have much to say to that. I'm just saying Litchi is one of the deepest characters in this game. Buuut I'll drop it, I don't wanna upset anyone over something this silly. :P