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  1. Exactly. Soviet 4 lyfe, I see.

  2. of course i do. why else would i main a guy in his underwear? :v:

  3. You obviously do, since you said you love that game.

  4. Better that I expected. I hope I win an Oscar.

  5. I can tell. Grade A entertainment.

  6. we do it for teh peoplez :V

  7. -eats popcorn- You and Alex(Uber) really know how to put on a show. Shit... I'm outta soda.

  8. Learn to place steins strategically, as to try and trap your opponent in 236D. Don't just spam them mindlessly, otherwise your opponent can just IB them and gain meter fairly quick. 2C & 6A = anti-air. 2C has longer start up, so only use 6A for close jump ins. Learn to IB>DP. Dash 2B is good for crossing under. Trapping them with 236D, can help break primers with 63214C (fully charged, it breaks 3).

  9. I unlocked Mu. I think I'm going to sub her. Any tips?

  10. You could be pro like THE BEAST HIMSELF! DIAGO-SAN :O

  11. Obviously. Only big name companies make the best things. Not changing the game much makes it easier, thus I become pr0 faster. Yay!

  12. Yup. Capcom da bess. I mean, c'mon. Street Fighter has been the same for like 25 goddamn years. It never changes AT ALL. That's what makes it the greatest fighting game evah. Fuckin' A