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  1. Yeah, except people are saying things like "Did you forget that we had fanservice characters in CT?" I think you are giving people too much credit here. There is clear pushback in this thread against the idea that this character is yet another dumb fanservice design, visually. (Nothing here has anything to do with gameplay that we know nothing about yet.)
  2. Indifferent to this character, and I agree, her visual design looks like crap and stupid fanservice. And to all of you people who say "But...but... there are other fanservice characters in the game!" that doesn't mean we need/want/benefit from MORE. I would be DELIGHTED if Makoto put on a goddamn jacket, and that's not going to happen. But that doesn't mean I don't hope that new designs are less awful. Remember: Just because you've been punched in the face before doesn't mean you aren't allowed to complain when someone punches you in the face. Jeez.
  3. Lots of people DID say that. It's a legitimate complaint. Heck, Arc Sys themselves has made the joke. Fortunately, however, Order Sol isn't IN this game. :P
  4. Airk

    [CF] Tsubaki Video Thread

    Cool; Sorry, I haven't been stepping up and posting video links to Japan stuff from Jourdal etc either.
  5. Did you read the 2nd paragraph? :P That said, the combination of Heat Up and Lock On is like Chocolate and Spaghetti - they're both good ideas, but they make a weird combination and aren't really related in any way. The fact that Bullet has a drive that allows her to move and attack is clever, tying it to a knockoff charge mechanic, not so much. Also, sorry, but I don't think you know very much about Tsubaki. There are plenty of combos for her that give charge as you go.
  6. Right. You get "charges" by either doing something risky in neutral (afterburner) or doing specific combos that allow you to gain it, and then you spend those "charges" to get what are essentially better versions of your special moves. I don't see any similarity there at all. :P Look, I'm not saying the characters aren't different, and Bullet's "lock on" stuff (when used as something more than a combo part) is pretty interesting, but the heat up stuff? C'mon. I swear the only reason they didn't give her a gauge for her heat levels (instead deciding to make you/your opponent depend on being able to tell the difference between "orange" and "darker orange") is to help conceal how much of a ripoff it is. :P
  7. It sounds like her drive means: A) You do a sword move (Probably with D?) and a Crest appears (I'm imagining these as actual visible things on the playing field, but who knows) B) You do something, and the Crest does an "attack" of sorts (and is probably consumed in the process). I can see this being useful for combos but also for space control. If my reading is right, it's not like Bullet's system at all. (P.S. Bullet's Heat Up is just a bad rip off of Tsubaki's drive. :P)
  8. BB has a history of completing the English battle voices (and battle voices only) prior to the Japan release because the game needs to have them to be able to play with someone who selects them in another region later. Which I've always felt was silly, but that might be what you are thinking of?
  9. I got 'some' free time again, so I'm going to try and start a meetup (again.)  But, this time I live in Boston and have access to rooms I can reserve.  Check out the Brain Box thread and post if interested.  I want to get some interest on Dustloop first before anything.

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    2. Airk


      I am told there is information about Boston Anime FGC stuff here:





      (I am not on Facebook so what do I know)

      There is stuff happening this Saturday.

    3. Narroo


      Nice!  I think I'll go.  Maybe I'll be able to get an idea of what the boston scene is like.

    4. Airk


      it should be a good time.

  10. 3 months isn't bad AT ALL for a BB release.
  11. No, really, the book doesn't float out in front of her on 6B until she's already hitting you: http://www.dustloop.com/guides/bbcse/hitbox/tsubaki/6B.html :P
  12. Sure. So it doesn't matter in that case. Doesn't invalidate anything I said though, really. Though actually, you've got a textbook case of an example that PROVES my point. 14 frames isn't that much under average human reaction time for a visual stimulus (.23 seconds for Bad Moon vs .25 for average human reactions). But things like jump startup are basically unseeable, so you don't get to start reacting until it's too late, because by the time there's actually a visual cue to react to, you've probably got more like 9 frames to react in. Also, The book is the most obviously different part about those animations. It floats right out in front of her when she does 6A.
  13. But it's not that simple. Does she transform into a giant moon at frame 1, or frame 17? A move can have 30 frames of startup and if the first 29 of them look like your character's idle animation, or like a completely different attack, you're not gonna block it much. That's the thing. WHEN the visual cue becomes obvious is more important than how fast the startup is, because it effectively dictates when the startup "starts". You can't start reacting until you've recognized that there is something to react TO.
  14. I think some people process it differently - maybe they cue off the sound effect or have a particular eye for the visuals or something, because this isn't the first time I've heard someone say it's easy to block. And some people claim that Tsubaki 6A and 6B look similar, while I don't think they look the same at all, so... I think different people look at different things.
  15. I can count the number of times I've blocked Gauntlet Hades (Discounting hard reads where I didn't react and just went "yeah, he's gonna GH now") in online play on one hand. Tsuhammer is only a little bit slower and I'm not convinced the startup animation is as noticeable. Or to put it another way: People get hit by the damn thing offline all the time. Now add 5 frames of lag. People are gonna rage.