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  1. Think i could get ggpo to work with a hot spot? Thats my only source for internet right now.
  2. groovyness

    [VS] Video Thread

    nice vid kyle. might i propose making a vid covering push blocking techniques. powerup 2012 hype.
  3. How do i switch the game speed to turbo 3 on ggpo or is that something you have to worry bout with the ps version
  4. groovyness

    [VS] General Discussion

    i am really interested in this game. particullarly sombi
  5. groovyness

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    I think the release of Blazblue has helped bring new players to Guilty Gear atleast that is the case with myself and a few other BB players I know. most new GG players i play with feel that either players are very advanced or are just starting out. I still love both the games.