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  1. (╬ ಠ益ಠ) 死ね!

  2. Oops, sorry for late response... The scene up here is "ok" considering the low amount of people who even play this game. Usually we get like 3 or 4 people during our weeklies so there's always someone to play. All meets are posted on meltybread so just check there. Usually the meet times are posted at like 12 pm Friday for meets on Saturday lol

  3. ToastCrust

    [CS2] Platinum the Trinity Actual Discussion Thread The First

    Wow, I can feel Rachel's tears hitting her wheels and chair.
  4. ToastCrust

    [CS2] Platinum the Trinity Actual Discussion Thread The First

    I could probably at least make a list of move properties. Low/mid/high/projectile, invulnerability, etc. Can't say I can be super precise, but the easy stuff is easy lol
  5. Canada is CONFIRMED for no spicy chicken nuggets tier. I checked BEFORE going to Akicon, such was I so excited.
  6. I wouldn't say they're horrible, just didn't live up to the hype. Might've been better if we had the use of someone's Morton's.
  7. ToastCrust

    BBCS II: Location Test Videos

    The label in the video clearly says Blazblue CS. Ragna also bursted and his primers rounded up, not down. Hakumen has 6 primers. I think someone might just be trolling with videos of early metagame, unless Arcsys decided to undo a whole slew of changes.
  8. The one that looks like a girl is naturally shota-Cake.
  9. He's hoping skills learned playing it would be transferable to using Rachel.
  10. What's the MBAA scene like in Greater Vancouver anyways? I like playing BB and all, but there's just no one to play with, and I wanna play more gamez. How big's the scene up here now?

  11. Found the Sooper. Shoutouts now that I accidentally slept through class lol (last time I schedule a 4 hour bus trip to be at like 10pm on a school night, while knowing it'd take at least an hour to get back home due to homoerotic nightbus schedules) Polka. Set up and volunteer shortages, and super weird, cramped, major hallway by entrance with tons of smokers is totally at least a 8-2 match up against TO's, but you ran it back. As expected from a Rachel player. I missed the last part of the tournie after I got double eliminated to play AC+ casuals, but I hope the SRK guy who got the thumb sleeves liked them lol sG/MissedFRC for getting my name right (but apparently people getting it wrong because of your bad handwriting) Cake & Co. for tons of casuals, Red Robin, and a delirious drive of K-On and Renai Circulation. I could've made my bus without you guys, but it wouldn't have been nearly as entertaining. Saikyo/Robert Gee for AC+ casuals and teaching me why May's 6P is best troll. And being Robert Garcia. Sythe for fun convo when I couldn't see the tournament and Washington AC+ scene download. Everyone crowding in Cake's room on Saturday for buying too many spicy chicken nuggets and sharing them. Guy who liked my stick. Thanks. If I ever see you again, I'll totally show you my upgraded version with Seimitsus, on-color dustwasher, better color coordinated, and better framed art. Spark for "Why didn't you enter the tournament?" "There's no point." and then beating MissedFRC in casuals. Woki for cheesing me with his 2 day Valkenhyn Shoutouts to me for being double eliminated by DLC characters. Akicon staff for having my copy of a game I don't even like that's on the wrong console. TO Feedback: Most of these issues couldn't really be helped due to the low-tier location you guys were set up with, but I figure I might as well mention so you can make sure to get these things from the con organizers or whatever venue you use next. I think one of the biggest problems making the non-Super SFIV matches not as HYPE (as in, they were constantly going YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH all the time) was because the non-Super set ups were placed such that it was really difficult to see most of the matches. There were just too many people crowding around the big stage area trying to watch 5 different matches, and it was just usually too difficult to see anything, especially the BB matches which were happening miles away. The TO table was also just in the middle of it all, which was a problem in two ways. One, just in general making it even harder to see matches, but two, the huge clumps of crowds just got in your way all the time. Definitely recommend the whole table towards the side vs. in the front, like the Super guys eventually seemed to do (I didn't really look though). Mic/Sound System: It was probably out of your hands to move it around, but I think a lot of the PLAYING SUPER RIGHT NOW, etc. problems probably could've been smoothed over if one of the big speakers were turned to face them, or moved over to be closer to their area. I know the speakers were already set up like that, but it ended up happening was people in the BB/GG/MB area were PUT ON BLAST (the thing's pretty loud) while it seems a lot of the Super people didn't hear anything. Those are the two big things that stood out to me. I hope you guys fight for a separate room or at least a more spacious spot next time. Having that big stage wasn't really that convenient. And next time, we all really need to like, force the Rock Band people off their fucking thing when it's our set up time.
  12. Wow, I must be tired. I totally forgot to pick up my copy of Sooper from you guys. I left to play AC+ in the arcade area lol Any idea who picked it up with them? I'll be showing up in the Hilton again tomorrow, probably hit up caek for casuals or w/e. I'm not that attached to it, but it's still $$$ lol.
  13. ToastCrust

    BB:CS Match-Up Chart

    "This chart is dumb, Japs do it better." "But their methodology makes no sense in context of our chart!" "This chart is dumb." "TROLLAN KING OMG DUSTLOOP"