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  1. Less than a week till the next NCI if I recall, and nothing on the webpage. How many people have access to update it, out of curiosity?
  2. Thank you for laying it out like that just to make sure it's clear to everyone. Perhaps (even if signups aren't in place) something could be posted to the main (wordpress) page? Date announcement + "Details TBA" or whatever? Gamelist w/o details? Just a thought/suggestion!
  3. My prediction is that a 2-day event leads to a drop-off in attendance for Day 2. Last year, NCR was a 2-day event last year (hotel, milpitas) and the whole hotel setup has some awesome things going for (read: casuals, including a friend bringing his candy cab into his room and people playing 3S until 5AM or so), but... I guess to say it another way: NCI is a much smaller event (though more games I think are cool!) than NCR, for moving into the same (effectively) price/effort bracket*. I think my general hermit apathy will strike critical hit and I doubt I'd drive out to San Mateo for day two. That's just me, though. *This year it's SFSU instead of a hotel, wtf NCR folks
  4. I present to you the gentrification of NorCal: http://norcalinstall.com/ (I thought it was silly to not have the domain)
  5. Thanks Orion & Crosell. I think there's definitely the possibility of that. Even in my case there's one person I've encouraged to go to NCI before (since he's in the bay area) but he's not at all a fan of the actual crop of games (BB, GG, et cetera) but he's pretty into KOF. It was cool to be able to tell him that it looks like NCI is going to be running it from now on.
  6. I've been away a while, but how did KOF go? Did anyone enter? I hope enough entered that it'll keep being an NCI game! How many people entered?
  7. May I suggest 'nc-itis'? I'm afraid it's terminal.
  8. Yeah, I mean, I'd like to pretend the NCI folks are above that sort of stuff you see from the capcom-only side of things. Not to mention that vsav rules.
  9. Here's the solution: Featured game: Vampire Savior Backup Featured game: Jojo's.
  10. No joke, one of the reasons I still wanna go to NCI despite being trash at BBCS/etc is to play casuals and chill with you guys I met at previous NCI/evo, etc.
  11. What are the odds on casuals, etc being present at this NCI, given that it's at an arcade? I just ask because I kinda would feel silly driving almost 2 hours each way and spending the day there to get destroyed since I'm terribly at GG/BB/etc. edit: I don't mind losing a lot in casuals, I mean driving up there to lose in 5 minutes of tournament play and having nothing to do for the rest of the day.
  12. Failing that, I'm in Santa Cruz (essentially) and 'probably' going to Super NCI.
  13. Is using the negative medicine glitch allowed?
  14. Did someone say...vampire? Seriously though, has there been more than one vsav side tourney after that one?
  15. Haha, awesome, things are looking good to travel all the way to EVO only to get bodied in first round* by people I've already been destroyed by at svgl, etc. I am aware this is how it always goes down, though! Just never gets less funny. *this was going to happen anyways, I might as well be crushed by cool peeps like Orion and Dacid rather than people I've never heard of.