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  1. You coming to Carolina Clash this weekend for BB? I'll be running another side tournament, and I heard this venue actually is open really late, so we can actually have casuals this time around.

  2. Yeah, I meant to catch you before you left since I noticed your post in dustloop and I can finally start coming out to stuff again. Thanks. Hopefully nothing comes up in the meantime since I really need to get some matches in :(

  3. Whats man, its stephen (makoto player) at CC. Im holding a casuals. on june 15th check out the north carolina thread for more info. I'll pm my address here shortly.

  4. Thought I'd respond here so you don't have to dig through all our posts in the message group... but let me know if 2:30 is a bit too early for you on Saturday, considering your work schedule. Since BB isn't an official game, we don't really have to have a set start time.

  5. I cant join this time either due to work, but perhaps other times PSN - M00ky-M00k Character- Makoto State Fayetteville NC EST
  6. Ello, if you guys are looking for a stream, or another stream. Im more than willing to help out(depending on the day of course) I work night shift 7pm-7am. Anyways pm me if you are would like to request my services. Im still new so its pretty barebones, but it functions well ^^b
  7. Crosell

    [P4A] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Hey everyone, gonna be setting up an open lobby for PSN here shortly, for some streaming, while i do work around my house. Feel free to join up, host name will be M00ky_m00k http://www.twitch.tv/casual_fridays Be sure to stop by and say hello at very the least ^^b Hope to see you around and to start doing this more frequently!
  8. Crosell

    BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend at EVO2k12

    Good shit Xie You are gonna run this like a champ!
  9. Hey guys. Its been great run, and I've had a wonderful time being part of this community. I'll be heading to North Carolina on the 23rd of this month to follow my career of Registered Nursing. I've had a lot of fun getting to know everyone in this community, and giving my advice on improvement (whether it was wanted or not :P ) but you guys will do great. You have a good scene with some very dedicated players and community members. To sum up this community is I came for the games stayed for the people. I'll miss you all, and feel free to hit me up if you are ever in NC. AS long as you guys stay a community by the community you will succeed and grow ot great heights. Just stop being so poverty and start traveling and participating more :P
  10. Well this is going to be my final NCI. I'll be leaving California on the 23rd. :3 Its been a blast peoples!
  11. Crosell

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya Changes Discussion Thread

    Ah good, i always knew they nerfed j.2c in another way ; ;
  12. Crosell

    [CSE] Makoto Nanaya's General Gameplay Discussion Thread

    You are no longer riding the wave. I went through this for about 2 months or so. I was playing better but still losing. Keep at it broski :3
  13. Same here Tari, I say we combine our funds for a double or nothing :P
  14. Critisms are suggestions for how to fix what went wrong and not personal attacks. Please separate the differences. And you know what, its good you are getting this because it means the community fucking cares. I'm not writing a big long post because you guys get that from me every month trying to discuss what went wrong. Take these, think them through, talk to other TO's who want the event to succeed to be respected. And one thing to take at heart, people want dustloop to be the primary source of communication. So let it be the primary source of communication.
  15. feeling under the weather, dont know if I'll be able to make it out