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  1. Ekiso

    [Xrd] I-No Gameplay Discussion

    My friend tells me I need to learn Oki after hard knockdown combos. I have no idea how to optimally do either. Please help. Also if any one has combo notation for the crazy loops{(her dive and chemical love ones) she has, I'd greatly appreciate those also. Thank you for your time.
  2. Ekiso

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    That sounds. pretty fun to do actually. I can just imagine how funny it'd be to be able to place a water bubble wight next to me only to have my opponent whiff their normals everyday when they'd otherwise hit. I saw an Ice Maori in a combo vid once. That damage was off the charts. there's a lot of people saying to use Love. Is it really -that- good?
  3. Ekiso

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Ok, so, thanks to the combined efforts of people in this thread( 'preciate it, by the way ), I now have my rushdown character I'm going to be maining for practice with rushdown(Lilica) and someone I'll be subbing so I can fall back on zoning for those times when I definitely will screw up my execution with Lilica; that person is Maori(It was going to be Scharlarot but I was looking up combos and other such things for her and to me, all of her normals feel like she's going in slow motion.) Can we discuss Arcanas now? what are effective ones for the Main and sub I've chosen(aside from defaults)?
  4. Ekiso

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, that would normally help but the thing is, I'm gay. Like....literally. out of all the ones you mentioned, I find the "Smaller, capable of dodging" one you mentioned the most interesting. Charge attacks are hit or miss depending on how long I actually have to hold. I don't know how people manage to hold back for 3 seconds on someone like Chun-li and then actually get Kikouken or Spinning Bird Kick to go into a combo somewhere but, that's another game. Rushdown I've never been good at when you compare it to how good I was at zoning, that being said I've come to appreciate rushdown way more than zoning and tried to learn how to back when I played(didnt really succeed but it's what it is).
  5. Ekiso

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Ok, so long story short, one of my friends insists I play this game. I don't even know what type of character I'm even looking for cause I stopped playing FGs a while ago. I was hoping maybe someone could suggest someone to me. I've played many different types of characters across countless fighting games so I'll consider anyone.
  6. Ekiso

    Bridget Q & A

    Thanks for your input, I just started learning Bridget, so I don't know very much about how to play the character, so this information is valuble to me. I do think I could use a bit more match up information, but I know this isn't the place to ask. I don't think anyone will mind since Accent Core's days are almost over if I post a vs. Johnny or vs. Potemkin match-up thread. Potemkin especially, I don't really like having to play differently to avoid his overly long reach Potemkin Buster.
  7. Ekiso

    Bridget Q & A

    I'm not too sure I'm playing Bridget right. I was playing some games with a friend of mine, and he normally plays Johnny and Potemkin. I got into the heat of the moment and started complaining about the stuff Johnny could do, so he switch to his crazy Heavenly Buster spamming Potemkin, and after a few wins, he decides to troll me and pick Bridget, who he's never even played before. To my surprise though, he beat me then too. I would press f.S and he would be just outside my range, then he would hit f.S and hit me into a short combo. He said something about just being good at spacing normals, and then he told me that "Sitting outside an opponents range and just poking with long range normals is probably Buri's style." Is that really true? Also, are Johnny and Potemkin really match ups in Bridget's favor? If it helps any, my friend is Destruction_adv if any of you have played him.
  8. Thank you for the speedy reply. I also have another question, can you do 1-frame jumps by just hitting 7+p+k or do I have to do 8 then 7+p+k or 4+p+k? Thanks in advance.
  9. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find it, so I hought I'd inquire here. How do you do a 1-frame jump in this game?
  10. Ekiso

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    That's a bit of a bummer. It's a little discouraging, but I think Venom'll still be good,
  11. Ekiso

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    This is so awesome, finally, I can see the changes we've been waiting to see so long. I really want this game to come out. If only we had a release date. I'm curious as to how the Venom changes affect him, would anyone more expirenced than I care to explain
  12. Hey all. I am trying my hardest to learn Carl and I have no idea where to begin. I can negative edge but that's really all I can do, is there someone that can help me? .....I want to have Nirvana babies.
  13. Dear Dacidbro, can I challenge you to a match over netplay;your Bang vs. my Platinum?
  14. crap, destruction leveling up his pressure, jokes on you,Platinum'll be god tier next game
  15. I'm having trouble dealing with pressure, other than bat what do? besides the obvious learn to insant block. PS, I also need help with pressure and mix up, what kind of blockstrings should i use