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  1. yo everyone dropped Ragna (he'll rise from his grave with the help of console), and your song choice: pure gas


  3. one last thing before I leave.. this piece is entitled "Hakumen Body Clinic" http://tinypic.com/r/2hp1vyu/5

  4. and the words "Yunitto kidō" shall forever be remembered as "Unit Cookie Dough"

  5. netplay Hakumen with white dualshocks and Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough

  6. hey Jackie, is there a price limit on products you can import in the US Customs (eg. in Turkey, excluding shipping, the total should not exceed 75€) ? And yeah, if you tell them your customs bureau might cause problems because well, you are ordering 6 copies of the same game (like I mentioned before, they may or may not treat that as a commercial purchase and tax you), they halve every product's price individually and write it on your invoice that way (Play-Asia)

  7. well, I hope you have a Skype! :)

  8. You might want to send the guys an e-mail for an invoice "modification" so it won't look shady. Usually the invoice attached to packages give people away in customs either because of the price of the product or the amount of products ordered (sometimes they treat it as a commercial purchase and tax you accordingly).
  9. do you write on the Mizuumi wiki, at all ?

  10. I'll send it to you as soon as I find it (if I can, that is)

  11. props to you for the Hina video man, thanks!

  12. will do! I'll try to join the BBCSExtend lobby, done with P4A #rip #rip

  13. hmm hmm I see (I'll say no to that MM group chat thing, I have had terrible experiences from the Akihiko one)

  14. your skype/facebook inactivity is killing me johnny (summer school, games, summer school, games)


  16. (I'm acting like I don't know) TAE BACKSTABBED ME (REVIEL TIME AFTER MY FINALS)