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  1. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I don't think he dislikes it as much as it makes him uncomfortable. And I think it's mostly do to Ky not Dizzy herself.
  2. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I remember back in GGX2 when I thought I-no was evil as fuck. I'm not sure if that game was reconned or something, but yeah I thought she was a crazy psycho with all her shenanigans. Sending Sol back in time and having him kill his passed self was hardcore shit. Until Sol ruined that plan by not giving a fuck. If I recall she tried to murder pretty much anyone in her way, and with a devilish delight about it too. Sign/Rev however showed us that I-no was just a big softie on the inside. Now I like character development as much as the next person, but the old GG games had a darker tone that the current Xrd series doesn't. Which is fine, I'm not complaining about it, it's all good for me. I love GG no matter what form it takes.
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    As far as I know there was supposed to be 3. So after story part C still remains. However I don't even remember where I heard this so I could be wrong.
  4. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Well's unfortunate but I have similar sentiments about the direction Guilty Gear is headed story wise.
  5. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Having seen Part B
  6. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    I wonder where Sol is even staying and where exactly is Aria for that matter. Kind of shitty of Ky for not letting Sol stay in his freaking mansion, the jerk So is Ky going to train Sol now? Like wtf I did not see that coming lol.
  7. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    Sorry I didn't play Accent Core, what is Dizzy's true past?
  8. Guilty Gear Xrd Story Thread

    You know I found it weird that Jack-O pretty much knows who Dizzy's mom is, technically she is, but never once interacted with her during the story. But I guess that revelation did come really late in the game and too much other stuff was going on, still it would of seemed like common sense to add a scene between them. And Sol seemed pretty adamant for everyone to stfu about it lol, so I wonder if he will even bring it up.
  9. Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    Just a thought but Ragna erased everyone's memories of himself in the BB world, but Naoto isn't from that world/timeline. So theoretically, does Naoto still remember who Ragna is? I'm working under the assumption he was sent back to his own world/time at the end.
  10. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    I actually agree with this, she looked lost and hopeless. Not the way I want to remember her last scene. I kind of wish she had interacted a bit with Lambda and Noel in the prologue to give me a sense on how she behaves around them. I get the feeling she is non too happy to have been rescued by them.
  11. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    If Jin's body goes poof like Celica's like Volt says then that makes more sense. I find it hard to believe that Jin can't even throw a punch or a kick considering he looked no worse for ware during the epilogue. I thought maybe his ability to wield Yukianasa's power or perhaps having his drive completely disappear was what made him unable to fight in that sense. In other words he was no longer all powerful but just another regular NOL scrub.
  12. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    I feel like this is what happens when you add side characters so late in the game and expect to flesh out a decent character arc for them. Especially if you have to spend most of the time on the main story since this IS the big game to reveal everything, and that stuff takes the most time. A shame because though I'm not really a fan of Hibiki his arcade story was actually pretty interesting.
  13. Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    @relic.nt What do you mean exactly when you say Ragna was Saya's dream? Is it because Ragna keeps meeting his demise because of the black beast within him the reason why Saya keeps resetting the world? Or is there another reason? So as long as he exists he will always be caught in that loop and Saya will always keep resetting? Is that it? Sorry haven't played the game so I'm trying to make heads and tails out of this.
  14. Central Fiction Speculations/Theories

    I got a theory about the sword being missing at the end. If we in fact believe that Ragna is now the person inside the Amaterasu unit, so effectively he can pretty much do whatever he wants within the world. This is what I understand the power of the Amaterasu unit to be, I could be wrong so please feel free to correct me. I feel like he knew Rachel was going to live out her life trying to find him, because he can basically see everything now. And he probably observed that little exchange between Tsubaki and Rachel. Now given that Ragna's sword caused some type of memory/emotional awakening in Rachel, Ragna felt that if he erased the sword from the world Rachel would fully forget him and move on with her life. That's kind of my take on the whole sword disappearing at the end. Mori did say this is the end of Ragna's story. In order for it to be the end everyone needs to forget and move on. I feel Ragna was doing this one last act to save Rachel from that life of hell. Still I know I'm probably wrong, Rachel seemed determined and that gives me hope. I also think maybe he did pop back into the world to grab his sword since it had one of Rachel's bows on it. He probably wanted it just for that
  15. Central Fiction Story Discussion

    Well the best part about that is the ending is left with an indication that Rachel has not given up on finding Ragna. She may not remember him but she definitely knows of his existence. Which is odd because I thought everyone was supposed to forget him completely, but Rachel still knows/feels him. And yes to me the fact that no one remembers him is the absolute worst part about the ending. Personally for me, it kind of makes me feel like what was the point of the games? If Ragna was just gonna disappear at the end and no one was going to give a shit about him sacrificing his being so that everyone could get their happy endings then fuck. Yes I know Jin and Noel hugged and cried for him but they still forgot him at the end. Poor guy, at least we know the truth Rags, we know the truth