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  1. GGs, but honestly I was playing all spacey. My general Lambda strategy is to run at you and not IAD at stuff.

  2. GGs earlier. Just sometime I wanted to ask you. When you did full screen dashes at me, why didn't you ever 6B or barrier stop 2D to bait my 2B and 3C? Have you foughten another Lambda that shuts down those options?

  3. Jin and Juice

    Throw reject miss

    Moral of the story: Don't mash. Ground throw for oki, fuck yeah.
  4. I'll be home and in under 20 minutes. Need to warm up first though

  5. Im able to play now until i work at 3:30 EST if you want get it over with

  6. Of course! I'm pretty sure you'll take me since I've played you before. Let me know on XBL.

  7. Yeah, give me a bit to practice and such, and we can tussle. ~1 hour, ok?

  8. Hey, whenever you want to do our match tonight for the tourney, let me know. My gamertag is my username.

  9. I see what you did thar

  10. Aww...The chances were slim I guess... also im not rich :v:

  11. Nope. Get an Xbox and I'll play you.

  12. ... Yo, were you that Jin at ctf the other day that was eating chinese food and left after being black and kicking my ass? (idk y, black ppl seem to be naturally good at fighting games :psyduck: )

  13. I am not black, per say, just dark skinned, and hispanic. Also known as a nigger, yes.

  14. o rly? ur not black r u?