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    Guilty Bits video series- Official thread

    @dream maker: on my phone so I can't post I'm depth as I want / can't have your post to look at while I post. You can't always confirm 2S into 2D or 2S into a combo afterwards but watching the video I got the feeling that it was pretty much impossible. It's not the easiest but the confirms off these pokes are possible and lead into huge damage + knockdown. Watching the vid I got the impression that Anji throws out meh buttons and prays that he gets a knockdown to run unstoppable Oki on the opponent until he wins and I just feel that's not the case. The oki situation: Anji's ok is good. I'm pretty sure I said that in one of my posts . It's better then good. But again, if we call his powerful, what do we call Millias? Unstoppable God Strength? I understand what he gets off it and what it leads to, I've been playing him since reload. But let's actually LOOK at what it provides. Butterfly provides a small gap in which you can apply 1 mixup / cross up opportunity that a lot of the time you're not even forced to take. I've made air tight mixup situations but they're not the ones you posted in that link (assuming you mean Te same thing I think you mean). If you hit a button as fast as possible after a dash and they fd it chances are you just gimped your setup. If you make it more tight your options get lower but now you have real oki that they're forced to take. And yes both cases if hit lead to knockdown into the same setup. Now look at Millias... You are FORCED to take 2-3 mixups that you can't react too that leads into the exact same situation. Seriously you actually have to guess. Now I know she's the best but wouldn't you call THAT powerful? @tataki: since you removed the video i cant rewatch it but I have no problem with you saying Anji is dependant on oki because he is. The thing is I'm pretty sure you didn't say that. All I remember is the first 10 seconds where you said is neutral game was lacking but he had a powerful Oki game and that's where my problem is. I feel like his neutral game is better then a lot of people's actually due to autoguard on pokes. And again, the word powerful.. If you want to say he's oki dependant or the oki could lead to strong damage and knockdown and oki all over again that's fine. Btw: Anji's strongest combos (atleast that I've done, that have done 80 to 90 percent) came off confirming hits outside of Butterfly oki. Butterfly oki allows you to do confirm combos without the confirm but with prorated damage. And if I didn't reply to anything it's cause I'm on a phone
  2. Hey Dacid, how'd you do at ECT? You raped BB cause you're The Bang God™ and EC is so terribad right? Oh. Shit. Well that's cool, you don't even play that game anymore. I heard you've been maining skullgirls, surely you won that game. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. That's fine, the game is broken anyway. Don't you play Marvel with some of the best players on the WC? I bet you cleaned the fuck up in that game. Oh. You didn't place at all... I mean, worse things could happen. It's not like anyone established dominance over you or anything. FACE ME! (that picture came out terrible)
  3. What the fuck is your problem guy? I haven't been on DL in months, the last time I checked was when I heard about stickbug's post about BB not being at evo and a call for the community to actually be a community and support the game. So him and others actually spent time and effort to come up with ways to help the community. Tournies dedicated to BB, people coming out, etc, all that nice shit. And then I hear the thread gets closed cause some guy from NY (that doesn't go to tournies) cries that scrubs don't belong at tournaments and all top players are dicks and don't want them around. And I hear reasons because "commentators are bored" and some mean people told someone else to eat a dick. So I could easily figure out that that was me. So because I find BB boring and I let people know that, that means that all top players hate scrubs. So because I told my friend of several years to eat a dick jokingly (cause god forbid friends joke around with each other), that means that lower-skilled players need to stay away? I'll admit i'm a dick except every tourney I go to, if anyone ever comes up to me and wants to play or asks for advice i'll do my best to help them. I have never turned anyone down. And i'm an asshole. So what about other top players that are actually nice like LK / SKD? I've seen them go out of their way to help people whenever anyone asked. So now you're posting here about an invitational tournament for the new BB game with top players on the EC. And by posting I mean crying. "LK has publicly decided who he wants and doesn't want". No, LK has chosen players who he believes are the best in the EC (dunno why i'm there anymore, I suck now). He is trying to showcase top level American BlazBlue for the new version to generate buzz / hype / good publicity. This is not a popularity contest, this is LK trying to SUPPORT THE SCENE. But you don't understand that so you want this thread closed. Well if you keep posting about how new players don't belong in tournies and top players are trying to fucking kill them maybe you'll get your wish. People have invited you to tournies, offered to pay for your meals AND help pay for your trip and you still post shit like that. Scrubs aren't toxic to the community, people like you are. So you could either stay at home and keep posting nonsense or you could actually, you know, go to a tournament and see that people are actually decent human beings and just want to fucking play games and have fun. PS: [04:17:PM] almu 2000: so if anything you should [04:17:PM] almu 2000: just talk tons of shit [04:17:PM] almu 2000: calling everyone else free and that your day 1 relius will body everyone [04:17:PM] almu 2000: just do it everyone is free, day 1 relius, etc
  4. I don't think people here understand CS2 or the difference between American and Japanese play I planned on making a long post but then just said fuck it. Americans think Makoto and Noel pressure is bullshit because they can't block overheads and they can do damage from second one while Hazama needs 50% meter People don't understand that a) It's easy as shit to get 50% meter b) 50% meter will take off atleast half your life c) he gets 50% meter back into safe mixup that leads to half life damage With 50% meter, Hazama's pressure is fucking bullshit. Dacid's right, deal with it
  5. 1) Noel is an auto-pilot character to pick up and play and do massive damage and beat scrubs / people who can't block (Americans). 2) Hazama is an auto-pilot character after a certain point of... what, skill? combo learning? Whatever you want to call it. When you can actually hit-confirm and know combos Hazama is auto-pilot. 3) Dunno the Noel-Hazama matchup so not gonna comment 4) Shouldn't you be busy teaching top level japanese players Bang matchups dacid?
  6. Zidane


    What experience? You winning rounds. Where's your confirmation? Did Satoshi go up to you and explain his lack of knowledge about the Bang matchup? Did he say anything to the sort besides he was unfamiliar with PLAYING Bang, not PLAYING AGAINST Bang? You only have your opinion that YOU believe. I have my opinion that a lot of people believe.
  7. Zidane


    It's funny cause i'm not even trying to troll and my overall message is not about whatever the fuck cake said It's stupid on another level to imply he lacks matchup knowledge based on the fact that you took rounds with bang tricks. Like, Do you not GET that? Maybe you took rounds based off pure skill and you outplayed him, I don't know. But to say any time he lost was because he lacked experience playing against Bang is fucking.... something. It's definitely something. You're something Dacid. PS: CS2 Bang is nowhere near as bad as CS1 Tsubaki. Infact, CS2 Bang isn't even bad. He just lives in a game where everyone is better than him. CS1 Tsubaki is plain bad. CS2 Bang actually gets play in Japan so you can't even argue you're playing some low tier god and Satoshi didn't know what he was getting into
  8. Zidane


    Why am I allowed to post here? I dunno. It could be because I don't feel myself with hands across the nation about how good I am because I place X in majors and take rounds off japanese players It could be because I understand the difference between losing because of lack of matchup experience and losing because of gimmicks, tricks, shenanigans and tomfoolery. (Not to say you're not skilled enough to beat him without those, but you're honestly lying to yourself on an epic scale if you believe he didn't know the matchup) It could be because most of what I say happens to be correct? Team Stickbug: Sponsored by Being Right™
  9. Zidane


    You sure post like a day 1 scrub. "Well, you see, because Satoshi could not figure out my new Bang gimmicks that I figured out in training mode that worked once and cost him a round, he is not up to date on the new Bang matchup. Forgetting the fact that he embarrassed and raped me with better fundamentals and stronger play, he could really use some work against my super-charged Bang and the matchup overall." I played MIU ( whoops, I confused asian people ) at Evo in GG Slash. I took MATCHES off him ( you know, more than a round ). I guess he didn't know the Anji matchup, even though Anji was one of the best chars in the game and played a lot? I mean, I took MATCHES. He musta never fought an Anji before.
  10. Zidane


    At first he was completely free huh? You mean after the half-day flight? After the jetlag? While being sick? While getting used to the (scrubby) differences of American and Japanese play? I've seen Daigo lose rounds/matches to American Chun-Lis. GUESS HE DOESN'T KNOW THE MATCHUP OVER THERE IN JAPAN. By the end of the tournament he figured out YOUR gimmicks, he didn't learn the Bang matchup for the first time. Goddamn. It's actually painful that you believe something like that. For LK: Can you fucking believe Dacid posted that? Jesus Christ.
  11. Zidane


    Man i'm mad I actually have to fucking defend Dacid with this post It was stupid of Dacid to say/imply Satoshi didn't know the matchup. It's in no way stupid to say that he / Huey do things that Japan don't. I've made combos for Hazama that I haven't seen any Japanese player do / any combo movie replicate. I see tons of TOP japanese Hazamas fail to hit confirm into Hotenjin and do wrong combos after Hotenjin while I hit confirm off any hit I can and don't do bitch combos. I've seen Latiff do things with Eddie no other person has ever done. I've seen Marn do things with Dudley others haven't, i've seen etc etc etc Spoiler: Japan doesn't always figure out everything.
  12. Zidane


    [09:13] zidanel33t: I don't feel like posting [09:13] zidanel33t: So perhaps you should edit or post [09:13] zidanel33t: That the argument that we had this game for one month and japan had it for X is a shitty excuse [09:13] zidanel33t: Not only is it shitty, it's the wrong excuse to blame [09:14] zidanel33t: The average skill level of the FGC community at large is... average [09:14] zidanel33t: The average skill level of the BB community is actually low [09:14] zidanel33t: Not only do we not have the matchup exp of Japan since they're so close together [09:14] almu 2000: well yeah [09:14] zidanel33t: Our matchup exp is horribly inadequate cause of how much everyone sucks [09:15] zidanel33t: Tired of seeing this game has been out for a month, shut the fuck up [09:15] zidanel33t: You suck, deal with it [09:15] almu 2000: I'm not going to just say [09:15] almu 2000: america sucks [09:15] almu 2000: JP is da gawd [09:15] almu 2000: that's too easy [09:15] almu 2000: and too troll [09:15] zidanel33t: It's not about how good Japan is [09:15] almu 2000: even if I word it like you did [09:15] zidanel33t: It's how bad American BB is [09:15] almu 2000: people just take offense it it [09:15] zidanel33t: So what you're telling me is [09:15] zidanel33t: You're a bitch and i'm gonna have to post it [09:15] almu 2000: yeah [09:15] almu 2000: do it [09:15] zidanel33t: Nigga i'm about to post this AIM log [09:15] almu 2000: lmfao [09:15] zidanel33t: Put your info out there. [09:15] zidanel33t: Stay free.
  13. Haz - Jin matchup is different. In CS1 it was pretty bad for Jin. In CS2 it's pretty much even. Zoning with chains remains important

  14. You think the Jin vs Haz match is the same? I feel like its a bit of guessing on both ends. Also how important is chain zoning to Haz's game? Sorry for the interview

  15. Zidane

    [CS2] Hazama Combo Thread

    Hotenjin has 50% P1 proration. If it's a regular hit you can't do a regular relaunch combo and you just wasted 50% meter. If it's FC, congrats, you took a huge gamble and did 4-6ishK. Meanwhile, if you hit confirm any 1-4 normals dependant on variables I already listed, you get 5 - 8K depending on how much meter you have / want to spend and gain 50% back off any random hit. Hit confirming > not wanting to block and flailing on 236236B. (PS: Knowing when to hotenjin in unsafe blockstrings is ok at best and is only ok because smart people will generally adapt and not do those strings again and bait you)