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  1. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Anyone in the east coast wants to play +R?
  2. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    I'll be hosting a room soon if anyone around EC wants to play
  3. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] Baiken - Combo Thread and Technical discussion

    Actually its ground tatami FRC, then kire tatami. And by doing the kire tatami (stand alone or otherwise) as fast as possible you shouldn't get an FRC point before the landing.
  4. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC] Baiken - short Q&A Thread (merged)

    quick questions about Suzuran: If you have 1pt of health, would you die while blocking from Suzuran? Basically would you take chip damage and if so would you die from it in that situation? And would Suzuran block hits that are unblockable in priority like Zappa's unblockable dog bite, ABA's 41236K and the 3rd hit of her normal super (I think these are the only ones but I could've forgotten the rest, and I don't mean unblockables that are high/low for an obvious reason)
  5. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Hmm.. was the hit on standing or crouching opponents?
  6. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] Baiken - Combo Thread and Technical discussion

    I've seen one vs. Slayer and another vid of Kuni vs. Nage(FA) where all j.K were jump cancelled to j.HS to Tatami for loop or corner KD.
  7. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] Baiken - Combo Thread and Technical discussion

    From the BA vs SL vid on first post I can definitely say that the j.K>delay>j.HS>air tatami is actually j.K>dj.HS>air tatami and it went for two reps too.
  8. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    You gotta learn at least one dust combo that you can find in the basics thread, and capitalize on counter hits; like Youshijin(P counter) you can 6HS them as they fall down in the air because of the amount of untechable time they're in then jump cancle to air combo(although you have to jump/run jump to hit an air combo off a non counter hit Youshijin that launches them), and Sakura(S counter) whether it counter hits or not you can score a combo to a knock down and continue pressure, and j.HS counter hit if they're in the air usually you can land then jump to combo them or if they're on ground you can follow up with alot of different attacks (based on when did you hit them/how high in the air where you when you did) into tatami>etc. Also you seem to jump backwards a lot after tatami either FRC or not which doesn't help you in comboing, if you're not FRCing tatami either jump or superjump forwards to combo with j.P, and if you're FRCing it you should practice run jump forwards (running and immediately jumping so that you don't run long enough to actually see the run but you would see the dust that comes out of the ground at the beginning of the running animation) to combo to j.S; that would make it easier to relaunch after first loop in corner by FRCing the air D to an air tatami or by doing a fast fall j.D. Do the combos in the basics guide, then you'll learn variations based on spacing and opponent's weight, etc. Also watch some japanese Baiken match vids, its helpful.
  9. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    Against Faust you won't be able to do: corner throw>run>2K>5S at all because of his weird hitbox/float, I haven't tried if I can delay the 5S for it to hit, but I assume thats not possible. As mentioned by kaeru, you should tatami immediatly after a corner throw for tentionless against him, or throw>5H>Tatami(FRC)>sj.SD>ad j.SD for 25%, it has good damage plus knockdown. After watching the whole video I say you have to capitalize on your hits and abare or whatever, you landed some 5H and did not continue to anything, you should tatami after those or even you could've supered after it if you like that (hit confirm!). Another is you got a j.K but could'nt continue as well, you shoud immediatly jump cancle forwards to j.PSD or whatever you like and you could've looped as you were in the corner, sometimes you can even do: j.K>land>2D>jc>j.SPSD>...etc against mids/heavies like Pot/Rob/not sure about Faust but I assume you can. Same goes to a Kabari>2D you didn't continue where you could by jump cancle into j.S>...etc. always know when to switch from pressuring/poking into comboing.
  10. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [GGAC+R] & [GGAC] Baiken - General Discussion

    you might wanna try doing a running jump after the first Tatami FRC in almost all situations, it allows for an easier relaunch with j.D FRC>air Tatami to loop and you can also get the tensionless relaunch by doing the fastfall dust that way too. for the combo you did on Potemkin, you can run jump j.SPSD> ad> j.SPSD as well after the first Tatami FRC.
  11. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: Shishido_Baiken Main: Baiken. My roommate plays an Anji Area: Central PA
  12. SHINIGAMI_mkl

    [^C] Baiken [COMBO]

    Generally if you FRC after tatami go with j.SD (or j.SPD) rather than j.PSD for the reason that j.P lowers their guard bar alot I think (not sure), in a longer combo it will net you less damage. And that you can almost always follow up a tatami with j.PSD (or sj) without FRC'ing at all. The key to connecting j.P after a tatami without FRC is that your j.P should come out as soon as you leave the ground (not to mention that your jump should be as soon as possible after the tatami).
  13. Finally I got everything working and I will start hosting some matches every now and then
  14. Thanks guys. I got MotioninJoy to enable buttons and i got the game to understand them, but the pad now isnt working in the game (it shows movement in it's setting). EDIT: I tried playing other emulators and all are working fine, but it still doesnt work on nullDC. I used a logitech pad and worked great, still trying on the PS3 pad. I want to use the L2 button as a macro for P,K,S on either pads, is that even possible?