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  1. 2/5 Athena Nipponbashi Abareddo (RE) vs Valkenhayn Suya (VK) vs Sodeika (CA) Suya (VK) vs Maohara (IN) Suya (VK) vs Celica Suya (VK) vs Teruri (PL)
  2. 2/5 Central Hachiouji Jirou (AM) vs Sugiyama (VK)
  3. 11/27 a-cho Suya (VK) vs Zexo (AZ) 12/23 Athena Nipponbashi Hakumen vs Valkenhayn Tager vs Valk 1/3 Athena Nipponbashi Suya (VK) vs Murishin (AZ) Suya (VK) vs Tenchi (IZ) Itou Sae (CA) vs Suya (VK) 1/9 Athena Nipponbashi Hazama vs Valkenhayn Nine vs Valkenhayn Frosty Faustings Dogura (AZ) vs Jona (VK)
  4. Kiba

    [CF] Valkenhayn Combo Thread

    Made a CH combo google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qweAJb0yinGF2RhrpMY0kZlCJfiuNJpfXc6zghnyITw/edit In addition, the strategy guide has been updated for the most part. Still need to fix up the oki section.
  5. Hey dude, picked up CF and gotta say your guide on Valkenhayn is AWESOME. This is a huge help and big resource for the people that want to play this character. Will be studying your stuff and your matches for sure

    1. Kiba


      Thanks man I appreciate it. If you have any questions feel free to shoot.

  6. Kiba

    [CF] Valkenhayn Combo Thread

    I will need to organise this sometime. In the meantime, please take a look at the Valk combo doc I made: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19fyZrbvmPTVDZNu6w8yQX4glL4JWseLwc4vT6GygU8c/edit
  7. 8/19 Taito Akihabara Uma no Hone (VK) vs Blair (KO)
  8. 7/23 [Howling Moon] Uma no Hone (VK) Matches
  9. 7/11 Athena Nipponbashi Tenchi (IN) vs Suya (VK) FT5 Poropiccho (HK) vs Suya (VK) FT5 Sodeika (CR) vs Suya (VK) FT5
  10. Man I've missed so much. 6/18 Central Hachiouji Sugiyama (VK) VS Shino (CE) FT5 Giketomato (AR) VS Sugiyama (VK) FT5
  11. 2/22 Athena Nipponbashi Shikkoku (CE) vs Suya (VK)