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  1. I'll be tagging along with shtkn and bringing a setup, I'd like to play some +R and AH3 mostly. and DJMAX but that's not a fighting game. See you all there.
  2. something has come up so I can't be there or provide a setup. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  3. StayFree is confusing the heck out of me with the same avatar, dang

  4. I bought an evo monitor today so that means I have a full setup available!
  5. Yaay fun times today everybody. It was nice seeing you all again. Glad we had such a big turnout.
  6. The one today is, then it's going on a break until mid-June, then another break until a few weeks after EVO (July 12-14) when it will return to its bi-weekly schedule. Also, apparently a bunch of San Diego players are coming along this time
  7. I am definitely ready to get beat up in every game and hang out. Let's make it happen!
  8. I'll be busy this Saturday but I am definitely making it out on 5/18 since I'll be out of school by then. I miss a lot of you guys.
  9. Maybe James can give us the hookup with some Aksys person. I think we could really make something like this happen if we stay on top of things, especially since we're thinking about it early on. I can barbeque things if someone brings a grill/food (i can bring food as well of course)
  10. That is absolutely something I want to do. I'll be preordering and importing myself and I'm sure a few others will...
  11. The entry fee isn't really a huge concern because I'm not that big a fan of P4A so I just won't enter if there is one. I tend to come to these just to hang out with people and have a good time while playing games. Also guymam your shenanigans are fine, I think it's fun/funny.
  12. http://twitch.tv/CounterAssaultTV Stream is usually here on Saturday and thursdays.
  13. Usually there's at least one stick just laying around unused. You just have to ask whoever it belongs to. Usually people are okay with it! I still can't make this one but next time. Sorry!