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  1. Had a lot of fun, thanks for having me guys! I'll see the ones that are coming down to SoCal for Arc Divide on Saturday.
  2. Original Thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10356-february-4th-2015-weeaboo-wednesdays-weekly-tournaments-gg-xrd-bbcp-p4au-ugc-in-north-hollywood-ca/ After speaking with the owner of UGC, Jyosua and I will be holding weekly tournaments for anime fighters on Wednesday nights. Since Super Arcade has temporarily shutdown, while they are relocating, there has been strong demand to have something during the week. We are really hoping this becomes big and we start getting 30+ every Wednesday. Just as we do during the monthlies, I will be running the brackets and organizing the events while Jyosua will be helping with the administration of the stream at the events. Here are the details: Venue Fee $5 Main Games Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (PS3) - $3 BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (PS3) - $1 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) - $1 Schedule 5PM - Casuals 6PM - Sign-ups 7PM - P4U 8PM - BBCP 10PM - Xrd Payouts 70/20/10 - Only possibly applicable to Xrd at the moment. Winner Take All - P4AU and BBCP. Stream twitch.tv/UGClive Event Brackets Setups Please bring consoles with Xrd, BBCP, and P4AU if you are able to. Venue 8551 Vesper Ave Los Angeles, CA 91402 Neighborhood: Panorama City Ph: (818) 825-0054 URL: ugcgamer.com
  3. Sounds good man. In fact, if you're decent currently we should still play. While you're learning Sol I could learn against Sol along the way . Yup, know Shin quite well. Have known him for about 9 years now. Hit me up, always down to play. Also come out to the weeklies and monthlies that we're holding at UGC .
  4. Character: Slayer From: SoCal By very good I mean people that are pretty proficient with their characters and that actually know how to play the game. Hit me up if you are looking to get some games in.
  5. Looking for very good players with their characters. PSN: Tusharix
  6. Next monthly will be on the 28th of February and the Wednesday weeklies will be starting on the 4th of February. Jyosua will be updating the first post to reflect the date for the monthly.
  7. Haven't requested an avatar in a while. Do they still support animations? Anyway, can I please get an avatar with Slayer (animated or not, whichever is supported by the site is fine) with something about dandyism. Something silly or funny preferred. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks to everyone in attendance for yesterday's tournament. Things started an hour late since people coming for the tournament were arriving closer to the start time. However, things seemed to run pretty smoothly and were able to get done rather quickly. Unfortunately there was the hold up near the end, but this is something we've discussed to prevent in the future. I hope to see more people at the next event. In other news, as some of you know my laptop was stolen from UGC near the end of the night yesterday during the grand finals of Xrd. The owners at UGC were able to check the cameras that were in that room and get a clear view of the thief. They then proceeded to Facebook where the picture was posted for everyone to see who the person was. Thanks to some loyal community members, the thief was identified and asked to give the laptop back. They were able to attain it today and banned the person who stole it.
  9. Tournament was supposed to start with BBCP at 4pm, but it seems some people are running late. Signups have started and BBCP will start no later than 5pm.
  10. It's better to contact the organizers of the events rather than the people that are running the establishment. The Anime games tournament is run once a month on a Saturday (closer to the end of the month). As it states in the first thread, Jyosua and I have taken up the responsibility of running/ organizing the events. Apart from the normal once a month saturday tournament there are talks of a weekly event that will take place sometime on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Along with that, Jyosua and I are talking about some grander things as well. These things take time and planning so we wouldn't want to prematurely announce anything. Just keep checking back to see when we announce the next events. For those interested, the next monthly date will be posted late tonight or tomorrow by Jyosua. Also, the venue fee is $5, there was an exception to the previous event since it was more centered around the US release for Xrd and that was the reason the venue was open all night and food and drinks were provided. Unless otherwise stated by the main post, the venue and entry fee per game are as is. Important note, this is kind of late notice, but it was brought to my attention by the owner last night that he would like to make Xrd a ranbat series. It will start with today's event and will complete when their signature Tournament of Champions event comes around. So the top 8 of today's tournament will receive points. More details will be posted hopefully tomorrow when we iron out the details. Also, come introduce yourselves to me today at the event if I don't already know you. I would like to get to know each and every one of you .
  11. Yo bro, you in Las Vegas? Come out to our meets man, need more people to play with. Hit me up!!! -Tha Hindu

  12. until
    Come join us . -Tha Hindu
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    24/7 P4A PSN Lobby. The stream is designed to capture all the players matches so they may go back and view them to see their performance. Come join in and talk to others about the matches going down, hang out, and relax. -Tha Hindu
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    Come join in the fun. -Tha Hindu