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    Weeaboo Wednesdays @ UGC

    Original Thread: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10356-february-4th-2015-weeaboo-wednesdays-weekly-tournaments-gg-xrd-bbcp-p4au-ugc-in-north-hollywood-ca/ After speaking with the owner of UGC, Jyosua and I will be holding weekly tournaments for anime fighters on Wednesday nights. Since Super Arcade has temporarily shutdown, while they are relocating, there has been strong demand to have something during the week. We are really hoping this becomes big and we start getting 30+ every Wednesday. Just as we do during the monthlies, I will be running the brackets and organizing the events while Jyosua will be helping with the administration of the stream at the events. Here are the details: Venue Fee $5 Main Games Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (PS3) - $3 BlazBlue: Chronophantasma (PS3) - $1 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3) - $1 Schedule 5PM - Casuals 6PM - Sign-ups 7PM - P4U 8PM - BBCP 10PM - Xrd Payouts 70/20/10 - Only possibly applicable to Xrd at the moment. Winner Take All - P4AU and BBCP. Stream twitch.tv/UGClive Event Brackets Setups Please bring consoles with Xrd, BBCP, and P4AU if you are able to. Venue 8551 Vesper Ave Los Angeles, CA 91402 Neighborhood: Panorama City Ph: (818) 825-0054 URL: ugcgamer.com
  2. Hellfromabove

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Sounds good man. In fact, if you're decent currently we should still play. While you're learning Sol I could learn against Sol along the way . Yup, know Shin quite well. Have known him for about 9 years now. Hit me up, always down to play. Also come out to the weeklies and monthlies that we're holding at UGC .
  3. Hellfromabove

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Character: Slayer From: SoCal By very good I mean people that are pretty proficient with their characters and that actually know how to play the game. Hit me up if you are looking to get some games in.
  4. Hellfromabove

    [Xrd] Match Finder/GG Thread

    Looking for very good players with their characters. PSN: Tusharix
  5. Yo bro, you in Las Vegas? Come out to our meets man, need more people to play with. Hit me up!!! -Tha Hindu

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    Come join us . -Tha Hindu
  7. Hellfromabove

    24/7 P4A PSN Lobby on Top Tier Gaming TV

    24/7 P4A PSN Lobby. The stream is designed to capture all the players matches so they may go back and view them to see their performance. Come join in and talk to others about the matches going down, hang out, and relax. -Tha Hindu
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    Come join in the fun. -Tha Hindu
  9. Hellfromabove

    IGL Skullgirls/ Simpsons Tournament

    Come Watch Us Play Dingus.
  10. Hellfromabove

    Skullgirls Stream: Don't Watch Me Play

    Don't come watch me play this amazing game. -Tha Hindu
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    Come watch us play at the #1 competitive gaming haven in Las Vegas, Immortal Gamers League. We will be playing the games such as UMvC3, MK, SFIV:AE 2012, SCV, and KOF XIII.
  12. Oh man, just saw that you messaged me. I was just in LA. I will let you know next time I come down. -Tha Hindu

  13. Thank you for the offer. If I need anything I'll take it from there and give credit. -Tha Hindu

  14. Come over to SoCal or Vegas and I'll let you play the game lol. You can even be on a stream with me fan girling it up. -Tha Hindu

  15. Yeah, Texas in general pretty much sucks for all things fighting game wise. Although there is this really awesome tourney in Louisiana that me and some other people attend during the first weekend of March. We have the tourney and then after that it's Mardi Gras for the rest of the week. Pretty insane partying. -Tha Hindu

  16. Oh, I see you're in the land of Not Playing Parasoul. Q.Q... You'll get to soon enough. You should just go to an event or con or something. -Tha Hindu

  17. Eh nigga where you at? -Tha Hindu

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    Come join us as we stream the upcoming and highly anticipated game Skullgirls. We will be going over the game entirely from the basics up to the very advanced tips and strategies that will be beneficial to you when you pick this game up. Please Favorite/ Follow the stream to be updated on events and know whenever we are streaming Skullgirls. Stream Site: http://www.twitch.tv/toptiergaming/ Past Skullgirls Stream Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/toptiergaming/b/294054839 See you there!!! -Tha Hindu
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    Stream comprised of the 2009 arcade release of The*Bishi Bashi. Watch me play this troll game with commentary. Every game from Sushi Chef to Creeper Paparazzi. We usually stream games like BB, GG, MvC3, and Skullgirls but I felt like doing something different.
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    Stream comprised of the 2009 arcade release of The*Bishi Bashi. Watch me play this troll game with commentary. Every game from Sushi Chef to Creeper Paparazzi. We usually stream games like BB, GG, MvC3, and Skullgirls but I felt like doing something different.
  21. Hey, needed to ask you about printing shirts. Anyone you can recommend that prints shirts in bulk like you get the broken tier shirts printed? I do need a place that can do foil or glitter like you have on your "TIGER" shirt. Also, when preparing a design to be screened on a shirt does it still need to be in vectored format? I remember this used to be a requirement some years back, not sure if it still holds precedence. Thanks in advance. -Tha Hindu

  22. Yeah, it is... Too many people were asking and I got sick and tired of typing it out all the time so I just copy pastad. -Tha Hindu

  23. I used to live in SoCal and was a pretty big BB player over there. Played with Mike Z and the crew frequently like 4 nights a week at Mike's house. We streamed everyone on Top Tier Gaming on JTV. I was the best Arakune for the longest time as well and did the combos on the BBCT dvd. I moved to Vegas in February of 2010. -Tha Hindu