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  1. Cromnus

    [CSE] Ragna Combo Thread/Discussion

    Two questions my ragna brothers.. 1. Any tips on landing 5d after landing the 6d, jd, for some reason i cannot connect it. 2. landing an ID after a hellfang is proving hard aswell.. Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't even have my computer hooked up :( I think I need a new hard drive. It's acting weird. And she knows all about me and bb haha

  3. Damn J, that blows. You just need to let her know that you're hood famous in the bb world and that not playing on the best possible connection will ruin your rep ;). Also you still suck ass at msn.

  4. Haha yeah.. I actually stayed with a chick for more than a week! I'm not sure.. The bill is in her ex's name still and she can't cancel or upgrade unless he gives permission and they're not speaking. Kage bunshin.

  5. ahh damn that is gng, when are you upgrading? Also damn moving in, im shocked! ;P

  6. I moved in with my girlfriend. She has the like... 300kb/s Internet. It's GNG.

  7. whats wrong with your interwebs?

  8. I'll be on tomorrow during the day!

  9. Hey dumbass, i still havent seen you on msn lately. Finals are over, now its time to play db. Hit me up

  10. Haha it's just that since I stopped playing Warcraft my pc is obsolete. I even get on this site on my phone most of the time. But I will!

  11. thats pretty damn terrible Justin...were supposed to be brothers!

  12. School ;( And i forgot i had msn until you just said that haha.

  13. Btw L2msn scrub. Easier then calling you or talking to you on here.

  14. Ive fallen J, school has sufficiently raped me. Hoping to get back to BB next week.