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    [CSE] Ragna Combo Thread/Discussion

    Two questions my ragna brothers.. 1. Any tips on landing 5d after landing the 6d, jd, for some reason i cannot connect it. 2. landing an ID after a hellfang is proving hard aswell.. Thanks in advance.
  2. Damn J, that blows. You just need to let her know that you're hood famous in the bb world and that not playing on the best possible connection will ruin your rep ;). Also you still suck ass at msn.

  3. ahh damn that is gng, when are you upgrading? Also damn moving in, im shocked! ;P

  4. whats wrong with your interwebs?

  5. Hey dumbass, i still havent seen you on msn lately. Finals are over, now its time to play db. Hit me up

  6. thats pretty damn terrible Justin...were supposed to be brothers!

  7. Btw L2msn scrub. Easier then calling you or talking to you on here.

  8. Ive fallen J, school has sufficiently raped me. Hoping to get back to BB next week.

  9. Cromnus

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    better just to make sure to try and 6a it or dash jb
  10. Cromnus

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Quick question, on a 2d combo, do i just need to get my timing down or is it chance that 5c will hit after the 5d? For example, 2d,5c,5d dash (now 6a if youre close enough thats a given) but 5c seems to be very hit and miss. While i only put 10 or so minutes into it training mode it was definitely more a rarity then certainty.
  11. Cromnus

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    You guys ever just lose your mojo for a week or so? For the life of me i cannot jc after hitting someone with a common pre-launch combo in the corner (ending in 6a) All the other launchers im doing actually better then i use to... Used to hit it 90 to 95% of the time , now im down to 30% or 40% and while if you just use j.c 2x instead of j.c, j.d , j.c. you can still BE and its not a HUGE deal (well sorta) its still driving me insane. Anyway just a rant, im sure ill be able to do it with consistancy again soon.
  12. Cromnus

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    advice worked wonders, thanks for the help both of you.
  13. Cromnus

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Hey fellas, quick question and maybe you more experienced ragnas can shed some light on the combo for me. Is there any secret to starting the air combo after you hit someone with a 6c, DC, 5D. The jump is getting me , i usually dont jump quick enough to him them with the j.b to continue the combo, is there something i need to change. is the combo better if you jump cancel or is it just a normal double jump with hits inbetween to a BE.