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  1. Once again I'd like to thank everyone from the PNW that housed me. NiggaJoe + Drinks + Skyrim = FlameNigga.
  2. Considering I'm like 5 years old I have High school on Fridays and it would be a lot easier if it was on a Saturday haha.

  3. We held them on Fridays as a test of sorts to get feed back on those who came. I don't know when the tournament will be next month, Chris is trying to work something out with Slash doing a stream for SSFIV next month. All I know at the moment is Chris said if Slash does do a stream for next month and if he wants to stream GG and BB next month then we may hold a GG/BB Tournament on February 19th once SSFIV ends, which would roughly be around 7pm. There will be a topic up for February's tournament once I know more, if Chris doesn't do it first.

  4. I'm officially really dumb.... I've never noticed that all the BB/GG events have been on Friday until now. Around what time do they usually start?

  5. As free as I am, I really wish I could go to Aki T_T
  6. Excellent.... Operation: Black Invasion is getting closer.

  7. Don't worry, I am.

  8. Hey other black Oregonian! At least, I thought you were black when I met you....

  9. Yugo

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    If you rapid Valks throw at the right moment you end up behind your opponent and start to travel with him.