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  1. Oh that's fine xDD I'll add you now then, so whenever you get your internet back you'll have my invite. Also sweet, can't wait. Hopefully we'll be able to record some matches.

  2. well the thing about that is my internet has not been working properly here lately, i can't get a signal for my ps3 to connect to. but if you add me it won't be til i actually get this internet thing worked out. also planning on another tourney i will keep you in touch.

  3. Yo! I keep forgetting to add you xDD Let me do that soon so we can play some casuals!

  4. Seireiichi1

    Kentucky Stomping Grounds Mk. IV

    Btw Kajoq, loving your sig. It's telling me something I should be doing right now.
  5. It's cool man. I'd love to play against you two though if I had a 360. xDD

  6. lol, I failed there didn't I. R.R.O.D.

  7. rrod = Red Rings of Death. I put that there as a joke. xD

  8. Under your info, your XBL tag says: rrod

  9. Funny thing is I don't have an XBL account, nor a 360 to begin with. xDD;;

  10. welcome Cory! I'll add you on XBL. be sure to add blipples, he's a consistent player from Lebanon, KY. Pretty close to your location.