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  1. Its taking all of my willpower not to harass the ArcSys twitter account about a console release date daily.
  2. Noticed something about the charge gauge buff, its slow enough to get several level 2 specials after using a level 3. In this vid Order Sol has about 3.3 charge, uses level 3 BRP. and does 3 level 2 BHBs before he hits level 1! In AC+ in the same situation you can only get 1 level 2. This seems like it would make our charged pressure game really scary.
  3. Hey PM me your address so I know where to go for the next meetup please

  4. jetblaksuit

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    After every Vs. match there is an option to save. I didn't even notice it until after SSF4 lol. Because its Mahvel baby.
  5. jetblaksuit

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    For people who have ever seriously played a fighting game, doing a DP motion on reaction is very easy, and doing a complex combo is a daily thing. For casuals, children, and complete novices its a nigh impossibility. For anyone who is like, "I want to be good at this game." simple mode might as well not exist. Forget that its there and don't worry about it. Simple/beginner modes are for people who pick up a game and says, "I want to beat up my friends." Its kinda liked the difference between people who actually play instruments and people who play Guitar Hero at parties. EDIT: P.S. Who cares about god killing furries?
  6. jetblaksuit

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    I ragequit that video no less than 3 times, because of the sheer fuckwitery of most of his complaints. I think the guy has some legitimate gripes with MvC3 if you look at it from a purely casual standpoint. I see where he's coming from with the lack of full motion endings its kinda lazy. The fact that there is no spectator mode or replays is just unacceptable. The PS2 version of 3rd Strike has replays for crissakes. His complaints about buttons are invalidated because he thinks that MvC2 has the same layout as SF. So beginners get owned by people playing in simple mode? Thats the whole point of it. So people who are random mashers can have fun playing against casual fans. Randoms using simple aren't very common online so whats the worry?
  7. ..kind of interested in nameless* whoops.

  8. Nice. Kind of interesting nameless, love his normals, some of them do huuuge guard damage which I love, but who knows if I'll ever play him enough to bother with this.

  9. Thought you might be interested in this.

  10. yeah good shit, i found this when i was looking for more information on how kara-karakusas work

  11. I sent you a friend request on Facebook.

  12. oh yeah since we kinda need a way to have contact other than facebook i'm posting my page up on the thread XD

  13. Pollo regio = god tier. fucking shit dude, it's still wreaking havoc but that shit was fucking tasty.

  14. I'm now looking into how to put stick art on a Mayflash :P A Pollo Regio stick would be so fucking baller.