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  1. M19Kamikaze

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Thanks for the Kickstarter lesson. I'm definitely hoping for some of that Skullgirls level of support (or like, 10% of ANY Melee fundraiser ever...) Checking the page again, it seems they've updated the tiers. Mostly it's "Beta Version Download & BBS Access and Additional Content DLC Key" and super swag for the $500+ Club Dat $10,000 Game Stage Background Request tier tho...
  2. M19Kamikaze

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Don't do that to me. As much as I'm hoping Dark Heart is some evil, "LOVE IS DEAD" big sister, I could DEFINITELY use some clumsy maid big sister XD And I'm hoping the momentum drop is just a pause since we were waiting to hear the stretch goals. Then again, I can't say I've ever been as invested in a kickstarter before to know how these things go. Is it that bad?
  3. M19Kamikaze

    [LM] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Six Stars the Steam Dream?
  4. M19Kamikaze

    [CF] Λ -11- General Discussion Thread

    Anyone have any or know where to find frame data for her moves? I keep getting asked how plus/minus her 236B and how fast her 6B is and all I can say is, "I have no idea... but I hear rock is +22"
  5. M19Kamikaze

    [CF] Match Finder

    So where would Nu/Lambda fall in for old vs new?
  6. M19Kamikaze

    [CF] Λ -11- Critique, FAQ, and Q&A Thread

    Thanks for the awesome info. Seems like it's a lot of habits I need to break and changes I need to adjust to and add. Especially ending combos with 2D to keep on the pressure based on all the vids I've been watching.
  7. M19Kamikaze

    [CF] Λ -11- Combo Thread (Updated 12/11/15)

    I don't believe this one was posted yet Lambda Counter Hit Combos
  8. M19Kamikaze

    [CF] Λ -11- Critique, FAQ, and Q&A Thread

    Any and all advice is appreciated. I know some of my issues comes down to input error and come with practice, but I more times than I'd like I feel like I don't know the right thing to do.
  9. M19Kamikaze

    [CF] Λ -11- General Discussion Thread

    9/14: Din't want to burn another post for it, and I don't know how much a difference it makes, but there isn't a dead spot for Lambda's Legacy Edge like there is for Nu. It starts right in front of her --- Just got out of the demo. Can't say I ran into any other Lambda players tho. I've been searching thru as many gameplay vids as I could and then having tried her myself, her combos seem pretty simple. Nothing overly complex or tightly timed. Getting adjusted to the 236B~6X inputs are also fun but aggravating when u end up short (i'm looking at YOU ~6A). I'd have to agree that the 236D is shorter. I recorded some matches and should be throwing them in the critique thread some time later on today. (Warning: I am obviously, nothing impressive)
  10. M19Kamikaze

    [LM] Online Matchmaking

    I believe so. I had the JPN version and I tried playing a friend who DL'd the US copy. Couldn't even find the room, invite and everything.
  11. M19Kamikaze

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    GGs to the pjsWinning room and to jyuuken67 and his gross Byakuya and X_MELTYBLOOD_X01 for kicking my ass with everyone else except Hilda. So much to learn...
  12. M19Kamikaze

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    GGs to players in Hakensann's room~ Does that room EVER close?
  13. M19Kamikaze

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    The ragequits are strong in this game ¬ 3¬ Clearly, they can't handle the ojou victory laugh of joy.
  14. M19Kamikaze

    [UNIEL] Online Matchmaking

    GGs to ranked. I'm roaming around as "BoosterBuddyX" (lil bro's PS3) til I can remember my password XD
  15. I'm pretty done with BlazBlue...