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  1. B.P.M.

    [P4AU] Shadow Teddie Combo Thread

    A 1.1 combo that I came up with, midscreen into corner. Works about starting distance or closer. 5AA > delay 5B > 236D > Frenzy > 236236[D] > 236D > 2A+B > j.236B > j.236A > j.236236[D] > 214A > j.236A > ]D[ > 236236[C] > ender ~3947 +Ender +Poison
  2. B.P.M.

    [P4A] Labrys - Basic Combo Thread

    5AA, 5AA 2C [b+D] dash 5AA 2C [b+D] Damage to come. Midscreen only, Red axe.
  3. j/k So anyways, I'll probably study the Tutourial vid thread and take it one step at a time *goes back to scrub hole*
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSr66GiQXPw ^ Besides the fact that I burst way too early, how am I?
  5. B.P.M.

    [CS1-CSE] Mu-12 Critique and Self-Improvement Thread

    I will post my mu shennanigans soon. If I can find a match and remember to save it.
  6. B.P.M.

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Agreed. U: On a completely unrelated note, I got 3rd in my first blazblue tourney ever. I have proof.
  7. B.P.M.

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Yeah, you should. If there are no GOOD Japanese Valks, then you do not have a different playstyle to reference off of.
  8. B.P.M.

    [CS1] Valkenhayn Video Posting

    Match 1 vs. Tager:Here Match 2 vs. Tager:Here Match 3 vs. Arakune:Here Match 4 vs. Arakune: Here The Valk is myself, placed 3rd in this tourney and got a harry potter game for a console I don't have... How'd I do?
  9. B.P.M.

    [CS1] Arakune Question and Answer Thread

    xx > D Bug > j. 6C etc. Second D Bug won't land, I don't know what I'm doing wrong
  10. B.P.M.

    [CS1] Arakune Question and Answer Thread

    For some reason, I when i do j.6c j.236c+d the D Bug never connects. Is it me cancelling j.6c too early? Or is it just releasing D too early?
  11. B.P.M.

    [CS1] Lambda vs. Tager

    Good shit, skye Imma go do that kthxbai
  12. B.P.M.

    [CS1] Lambda vs. Tager

    Sure. I just realized my reaction time to the 360 sucks. Any way of improving that?
  13. Hakumen Whines about the past and doesn't afraid of anything
  14. QFT (nu main, should be easy)
  15. Does anyone know how to play AGAINST haku well? Like, his general weaknesses, etc. I have a really hard time aginast this one haku in my area, help?