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  1. Frank The Tank

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Alog4KGsMhc Lots of interesting stuff in this video full of Kedako and Efute. Notable stuff I didn't know; -OHK has a FRC point after the whiff, making it harder to punish if you see it coming and move -RR causes a knockdown from an air gatling (character specific? Only saw it vs. Pot) -Corner loops use 6P now. SO MANY STUNS The point is, she's not dead yet.
  2. Frank The Tank

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    There are gonna be more loketests right? This version seems pretty overboard with the nerfs.
  3. Frank The Tank

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    I agree with this stuff. Johnny can be a pain. Once he knows what buttons he can't press (the ones that lose to CH 6P into dizzy into death) then it becomes really tough.
  4. Frank The Tank

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    You want the 6H to hit at the top of the swing, so you do it right after you recover from the OHK. AS SOON AS you tap 6H (tap so it doesn't charge), you need to roll to 2 to charge for the dolphin; you use the time from the hitstop to charge for the dolphin, which is done as late as possible (right before she begins to bring the anchor towards the ground). For the record, I don't do this combo often at all. You build more meter with the standard loop, and the damage difference isn't big enough to warrant the added difficulty. I do 6H>SVD to finish extended combos off of JI dolphin>airdash H stuff, though.
  5. Frank The Tank

    [AC] May Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    I mentally crapped my pants when I realized that a May mirror would determine who got paid at FR. Much worse, a May mirror with someone who knew the May specific combos and would not drop them. Twas a great match, and it went to game 3. Good shit Kyle. AXIS: What's the problem? The newcomer primer answers most of the questions people have had, so I'd give that a look.
  6. Hey Frank. Sorry for sucking in AH1 so much @ NEC. lol I was the Lieselotte. Also, I didn't realize you were that good at GG. Your matches were very fun to watch.

  7. Frank The Tank

    NEC XI Results & Shoutouts

  8. Got my plane ticket. See you guys there.
  9. Sooooo it looks like I'll be in Philly once again, since I gotta miss SBR. I look forward to much GG and whatever poverty-laden beverage that region of the country is getting fucked up off of at the time.
  10. Frank The Tank

    New Guilty Gear?

    Japan doesn't frown upon it...they suck at it. Doing anything at all in high level MVC2 is incredibly difficult. It's nonstop movement/blocking/mixup/zoning/runaway, and you have to pay attention to assists as well as the opponent's main character. All of the combos in that game that aren't done by Cable are incredibly difficult to master, and I'd rather try to block Eddie and Millia at the same time than try to block Magneto. That shit is harder than GG will ever be, yet it's remained popular in America without any advertisements at all, because the community won't let it die like we seem to be doing with GGAC.
  11. Yeah, as TB said, I won't be able to make it this time. D: I should be at NEC tho.
  12. Hey man, we're actually planning on playing tonight (thursday) around 7:30, but that's dependent on the rain situation.

  13. whats up man. Are yall still playing today or are yall going to wait for the rain to pass?

  14. If my new job lets me off to go, I'll gladly take your 10 bux.
  15. Frank The Tank

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    Nobody will never get a fighting game as right as they got GGAC. Real Talk.