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  1. K, I guess. It's just that we all know each other and meet up offline. Hope you come home soon?

  2. Ahh, I haven't played IaMP in a long time now. It's currently the month exams for me right now so, I'm feelin' pretty down. I'll try to get some matches in sometime though.

  3. So why'd you add yourself to our group? Are you in LA or coming to it?

  4. Welcome visitor! My Mains are as follows: Rachel for BB:RA: Dizzy for GG:DI: And for IaMP 霧   ☆     _____ 雨     ☆   ´>   `ヽ、 魔 ☆    ☆ ._,.-=[><]=._ 理     ☆   ヽi くレノλλノ)レ〉' 沙   ☆     ノレ§ ゚ ヮ ゚ノiゝ  ☆     、_   `k'_.〉`=' !つ  *  ☆ ミ≡=_、 _i_ノ(,,i!_,-、i!ゝ__ ☆  +  彡≡=-'´ ̄ ̄ ̄ `~し'ヽ). ̄ Marisa Kirisame!

  5. Still doing IaMP? I started netplay recently so If you wanna go a couple rounds meet me at the IRC sometime.

  6. Still do IaMP? I started netplay about 5 days ago.

  7. Hehe, You can brag if you like, it'll only make others envious and ambitious as a result. I would have wanted you to have a great time though. Vacations are supposed to rock afterall.

  8. Bahamas eh? Wish I had money. Being in LA makes you feel like you have everything within your grasp, but can't buy it. I just end up borrowing everything.

  9. PS3 Even if it were XBL, I'm mooching from my neighbor. So I couldn't fight you without lag issues.

  10. Happy holidays. I'ma get my own copy of BBCS.

  11. Thanks, I'll get my own copy very soon. So I'll do much more than just post at the sanctuary.

  12. I was looking around for the combos you typed on the Rozen Maiden video. Well, I guess I'll only get smarter if I decipher them on my own. Anyway, I wanted to know whether the combos that you marked with an asterisks were combos that only work on the arcade or ones that also worked on the console version's 1.00 but nothing later.