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  1. I'll be checking it out today. It was great in the location tests. Anyone want to see anything in particular?
  2. omg the convo just went downhill lol. how'd we get from candy to this? LOL
  3. Can we even drink there? I'm not sure they'll like that. If they're cool, I'm down! lol
  4. O snaps reeces cups! Lol. It is ON! Btw how many bb setups will have dlc? Cuz now its not just makoto ppl wanna play valk (s teir?).
  5. o snaps I wanna candy match against some ppl for some reeces cups! omgg!
  6. Just a lotta events and Halloween parties that weekend but since someone asked I'll answer, lol. My halloween party is that sat night, so after the tourney I gotta run home, drop off my stick + system if Im requested to bring one, I have my sat regular class, an event I'm organizing downtown manhattan (non game related) and a Japanese tour group in town I have to help out. lol. ...BUT I STILL WANT TO COME THROUGH! >_< Why must BB and GG taunt me so! Good news is that if I make it, I'll be in costume. Yeah Mahouko! We'll have a match! :p
  7. Let me know closer to the date if you still don't have a modded system or copy of MB by then, I'll help out. Think of it as a backup :p
  8. Doing it so close to halloween will be tough for me but I'll try to make it and support! I really like the flyer by the way!
  9. LOL. What a highlight I remember really wanting to try the game out when it first came out. :p Everyone, it was a great 3 days. We had GG and BB represented at NYAF/NYCC when no one else would. (With BB being a possibility but GG being utterly unlikely). We had it running ALL day the 3 days and it CONSTANTLY had people playing. The booth wasn't about turning NYAF into EVO, it was about spreading and exposing the games that we like. And for that I cut out 1/3rd of my booth and argued with my neighbors to keep everyone there who wanted to watch/play. The Tournament was intense and most likely the highlight of the entire ROW we were in. The GG tourney got especially Hype. I found it real funny MGV got to take a pic with Litchi and the prize, it was like he pulled her out the game to take a win pose for the day lol. Hope you guys like how the custom prize came out. Looked like MGV liked it, its not cash but hey if we did it just for the money we'd be better off doing investment banking or something lol. Special thanks to LightxDream for holding everything down at the booth and Tian for all the help! The one off events like this are good but I can't wait to get back to the st1ckbug bi-weeklys. Regular gatherings is one thing NY really needs to grow GG and BB steadily.
  10. nope, st1ickbug events are great since theres some stuff available for people!
  11. I can't stress enough for you to bring your own pad or stick to the tourney! We only have ONE stick and ONE pad Most tourneys don't provide you with anything--
  12. I think someone purchased my Sailor Moon right off the table when I wasn't looking >.> Now my dreams of settling the score of who's the king are gone for good! >_<
  13. MY TOURNEY NYAF DEAL IS STILL VALID! Enter and you'll be good to go. If you have your ticket already you can pay $10 at the booth! Also, I got pics of the 2 shirt trophy prizes for you. Both are just one of a kind made for the event! They'll be on display at the event starting fri morning. - KKL
  14. The sad thing is that I actually have that game and doing it is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE, lol. Obscure game tournament night might be a good idea, but its too short notice to change right now. (thats right, make outrageous demands and I JUST MIGHT LISTEN, be very afraid) lol.