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  1. As past of Old DM member we invite you to know our new venue New Name: Hall of Gaming 2 miles from the old DM... Come and take a look... Copy and paste to your Fighter friends.... Thanks for u Support! Hall of Gaming 220 N Colony St Suite B Wallingford CT 06492 203-793-7712 Behind Subway Drive thrhu!

  2. I'm right here. Why can't you see me. WHY WONT YOU ACKNOWLEDGE ME. also help me paint plz :<
  3. I'll be at AB in shameful costumes. If you talk to me I'll pretend I don't know you. When you bring it up to me outside of costume, I will insist you must be talking about someone else. (Artbook Bridget (the skanky denim dress) and Kohaku. I'll probably be hanging around everyone else anywho)
  4. I'm sceptical. HoG is super tiny and has a dearth of CRTs.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6W56HwPOQg
  6. We just know that you are a sassy man is all.
  7. I assumed Crown was being slightly ironic, but I'm not so sure with you. ---- And That's great about the TVs, Noisetank! Also, we need to find some time to hang out! I miss you :<.
  8. Out of curiosity, who did you ask? Because from what I've seen, a lot of people are saying they prefer Melty Blood. Just what I've heard on my end of the spectrum, but I don't know where you're coming from. But I that's why I'm asking~
  9. Stream Monsters don't get a say in this? I'm not sayin' you can't ignore the votes, but people are watching and it's something to consider.
  10. Is everyone ready for a short German lesson?!?!?! WeiƟ is the German word for white. As a lot of us learned from this game already, the funky B makes the 'ss' sound. The w makes a v-ish noise. So her name is actually pronounced: Vice. Vice. Vice. and that's all for Dr.Onblast pretentious foreign language lesson of the day.
  11. Speaking of GG stages, I just found a baller glitch for old Grove. Dizzy has a special entrance for old grove, where she's sitting in a dress holding a squirrel. If you interrupt the opening before she sets the squirrel on the ground, it'll float awkwardly during the match to where she dashes. It won't go away until you knock her down. :3.
  12. I'm doing this thing to make it look like I'm having fun and being social, but I'm actually just dog sitting her name is Hazelnut. I have no dates planned in the future. ;_;