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  1. I'm sure you would enjoy playing against Jubei if your 5B whiffed on him even when he's standing, right, Zouf? No, you wouldn't. It would be annoying as shit, to the point you'd want him removed from the game. Small characters are a balancing hell (as long as they're actually good, which Neco-Arc isn't for GOOD REASON) Invisible hitbox above his head? Why not give him an armour/costume/whatever that makes him as tall/taller than Carl? Why would you fix it in such a dumb (and lazy) way when you can just design his sprite to actually be normal height.
  2. Some new stuff from me. Yes, I am not dead. BBCPEX - Tsubaki/Makoto Combo Video - Femme Fatales Enjoy!
  3. Daedron

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    BBCPEX - Tsubaki/Makoto Combo Video - Femme Fatales *Blocked in Germany cause copyright laws and shit*
  4. Daedron

    [CP] Video Posting Thread

    BBCPEX - Tsubaki Basic Combos Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vejLvSnrKgo
  5. Welp, I finally got this thing done BBCPEX - Tsubaki Basic Combo Tutorial
  6. Why not just delay 3CC? It pushes them back further so you can simply do 3CC > 5C > 2CC > 214D > CT > rest of the combo. You should be hit confirming 3CC anyway so the delay is only natural. deals 4952 damage.
  7. Garuwo strikes again. Amazing as usual. So many things where I went "How did that work?!"
  8. I have to admit it's pretty tight. I prefer just going 214B > stuff cause I know I won't drop it, which is far more valuable than 200 damage.
  9. For midscreen grab combos you can also do: [] Throw > dash 5C > 2C > 214B > 5C > 2CC > j.C > j.CC > j.214B [3065 DM] [22% HG] I find this a bit more reliable than 623C, but that might just be me.
  10. So has anyone found any use for Mugen in throw combos, especially corner ones? Maybe it has a use when you have 100 meter and many charges stocked to get the maximum damage possible while still getting good damage from the 236236D super, but with say 1 charge mugen I am coming up blank. The best one I found so far is [1 Charge] Throw > 214214D > 22[D] > 6C > 421D > 236D > 2CC > hjc j.C > j.CC > j.214B [4041 DM] This is only 16 more damage than the 1 charge + CT route, doesn't seem worth it. Of course once you have 5 charges you can do [5 Charge] Throw > 214214D > 6C > 22[D] > 421D > 236D > 214D > 2C > 623D > j.236D > j.214D > 236236D [6579 DM] If you're at <59% HP you can activate OD after the 2C and get the OD super at the end which will give you a 6861 damage combo. The damage without the super is 4648. The minimum charge needed to do the entire combo with super is 3.5 charges. without super you can get away with 3.
  11. http://streamable.com/kybc looks like this. I would try going for it all the time, but pay attention to how high the opponent is after the IAD j.CC and decide to go for it or not, otherwise you can just confirm into the easier variant.
  12. Odd, works just fine for me, in fact it seems easier cause the 2C hits Makoto in places where it wouldn't on other chars so you can actually be slightly off with your timing after 623C. Works fine on Ragna too, I haven't seen a difference in character hitboxes at all yet actually, except for 2C CH > CT not working on Celica unless you have dash momentum.
  13. What characters have troublesome hurtboxes this time around?
  14. Here's a better version of the 6C combo listed: 6CC > IAD j.CC > 5C > 2C > 623C > j.236A(w) > 5C > 2C > 214B > 5C > 2CC > j.C > j.CC > j.214A [4205 DM][30% HG] You have to delay the j.CC for a bit, and then delay the 2C a lot to have the correct height for the DP whiff to combo. This route also works off of 5B and 5C CH's into 6C. [CH] 5B > 6CC > IAD j.CC > 5C > 2C > 623C > j.236A(w) > 5C > 2C > 214B > 5C > 2CC > j.C > j.CC > j.214A [4202 DM] [30% HG] [CH] 5C > 6CC > IAD j.CC > 5C > 2C > 623C > j.236A(w) > 5C > 2C > 214B > 5C > 2CC > j.C > j.CC > j.214A [4362 DM] [31% HG] These are a bit finnicky because of the timer proration, you have to hit everything at just the right time so that the 2CC at the end still connects.
  15. Just a little something, if you do 623C (hit) and cancel into a j.236A right before you land, you'll cancel it into a 236A immediately upon landing which will combo. So a combo like this is possible: 5CC > 623C > 236A > 214A > 22 > dash 2A > 5C > 2C > 214B > 5C > 2CC > j.C > jc > j.CC > j.236A > j.214A for 3177 damage Also you can get it to crossup (in corner only) with a specific timing, really dunno why you would ever do that unless you like being midscreen I suppose but hey. Maybe some gimmicks can be made with this. EDIT: You can connect a 6CC after the 22. Combo deals 3477 then. Still lower than the far easier BnB unfortunately.