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  1. Kai

    AC: Basic and Situational Combos

    I like to end my throw and counter combos with 623HS -> 623HS for knockdowns instead of J.HS J.D koku. I use the air combo finish for damage but generally I prefer the knockdown. You can use the TK bomber for some awesome wakeup tactics. You can time it so that the bomber lands through the person as they are waking up or delay it a split second and it will hit them. So it puts them in a guessing game. Also if you guys land a counter (214p or k) followup with: 6k, 2s, air combo or 623HS -> 623HS or 5p, 2s, air combo or 623HS -> 623HS The 6k whiffs some characters and has a tighter window as well.
  2. Kai

    [AC] Video Posting Thread

    GGAC Ranking Battle is up at Gamer's Vision http://gvision.exblog.jp For those of you that suck at using filebank, I put up a mirror on my webspace. http://www.plundered.net/videos/GGAC/20070324ggxx.wmv
  3. Kai

    [AC] Video Posting Thread

    Decided to host it. Thank me with hot pics of your sisters or moms. (not required) http://plundered.net/videos/Tougeki.Damashii.Accent.Core.Combos.XviD.AC3.avi