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  1. What the actual Hell is this victimized horseshit? This particular thread has never, EVER been allowed for a general BB talk. Anytime anybody tried to use it for one it got shut down. You think that'd be enough of a wake-up call not to keep doing it but evidently unless somebody says it outright you can't get the picture that a news discussion thread should only be for--*gasp*--news discussion!! Though then you go and pull this crap so the mods can't friggin win. You want a general BB talk thread, make one yourself. Don't hijack another thread for bullshit like this; this happens enough with the Jubei drama. We don't need your "YOU guys killed the forum, not Discord!!" crap bogging it down. And yeah, maybe the staff could've done a better job listening to suggestions, keeping the site updated, and actively working on keeping this place alive alongside Discord instead of just going 'ehh fuck it' but pretending they went out of their way to kill the forum to make way for Discord is stupid. Honestly not a lot of people even use it--Discord's far more overhyped than you'd believe. I hate the current state of DL just as much as the next guy, but holy shit, don't derail this thread and get pissed off when the mods actually do something about it. Go make a general thread if you really need one, or actually make a separate topic to call the staff on not caring about the site. But derailing another thread with whiny, pseudo-martyring crap like that not only nullifies any points you makes, but just pisses off the staff further, too. If you're not going to do anything productive, go back to whining about the voice cast or translations of whatever it is you like to complain about these days.
  2. Orihalcon

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    END GAZER really does feel out of place as Hell, yeah. They should've remixed it, or at least made it instrumental. And yeah, YOMOTSUHIRASAKA doesn't make for a good boss theme in itself, but it'd be a better one than WORLD END. Honestly, WORLD END in general feels really weird as far as Izanami goes--it should've been a VS theme or something instead of being tacked onto her.
  3. ^^Can confirm. Spent all yesterday trying a bunch of different arcade mode unlocks for every character, hitting every act they have. Nothing unlocked for any of them. Looks like it's DLC only after all, gents.
  4. None of this is bad. The "hive of scum and villainy" line fits in decently enough without being a really obvious "GEEEEET IT?!" type reference. It doesn't hurt anything, it falls in line with the way Jubei talks, and honestly I didn't even know it was a reference until you pointed it out. The game does not once try to turn Hazama or Terumi into an internet troll; that's internet fans running away with somebody saying that because they're characters who focus on pissing off others for story reasons (and just being dicks.) And I'm glad things like Tsubaki saying "Jin nii-sama" (which feels super out of character for her anyways; there are better ways for her to express her fascination with Jin that don't sound so clashing) weren't present in the text. Honestly it just sounds like the only reason you're upset is they didn't do a 100% direct translation, which is almost always a horrible decision anyways. But knowing you you'll just hate on anything that deviates ever-so-slightly from what Glorious Nippon gets. I never understood this mindset of "any change from what Japan does is bad." Also on the topic of Central Fiction, the lack of English voices are really making Story Mode so much more of a slog this time around. Not worth waiting for the characters to finish their voice clips, the voices are very meh (except for Nine and Izanami so far), and half of the characters feel like they lost their personality with the emotionless voice-acting that goes with it. Between this and how Arcsys screwed up the English release like XRD all over again, I'm done supporting them until they get their heads out of their asses in regards to the western audience.
  5. EDIT: Disregard this, somehow got missed in the sweep.
  6. Holy shit you're a moron. It's got nothing to do with whether or not you think criticizing ASW or whatever is fine, but the fact that you're discussing something totally unrelated to the thread at hand. It's a news thread. There is no news in you constantly going "HOLY SHIT JUBEI JUBEI AAAAAGH JUBEI" every three seconds. This thread isn't about gameplay in general, your shitty character you want in, or apparently as you think it is a free-for-all on anything in the game. Bitching about Jubei isn't news. Speculating about Jubei isn't news. Pretending that acting like a brat has anything remotely to do with having differing opinions isn't news. None of what you're doing is even remotely related to the thread other than "THIS ISN'T HAPPENING YET BAAAW" Also I don't give a shit how petty it is; if he weren't to come out I'd sleep soundly knowing that regardless of what else, you wouldn't have Jubei because your behavior sure as shit doesn't deserve him. You ruined it that hard for everybody else, good job.
  7. Shut the fuck up, TekkamanArk. I hope Jubei never becomes playable at this point because of how much of a whiny manchild you're being over this. It baffles me how you even think that shitting up a thread every time anything involving Jubei comes up is your right, much less helping your cause in any way. Why the Hell isn't this thread more heavily moderated?
  8. CSE through CF are clearly the height of localization, and anybody who prefers CT and CS is a fool. Clearly.
  9. Orihalcon

    ArcSys OST Discussion

    While THE WORLD END and YOMOTSUHIRASAKA definitely should've switched places as her normal and unlimited themes, YOMOTSUHIRASAKA is more fitting of her in the long run. It resembles a certain Japanese folk song in its arrangement (I cannot for the life of me remember the song's name) and overall feels even more 'Shinto' than THE WORLD END, which has maybe one or two Japanese instruments in the beginning before becoming Awakening the Chaos Lite. I'm glad YOMOTSUHIRASAKA is the normal theme instead though so I'll get to hear it often instead of it being one of the best songs on the OST that you never get to hear like Endless Despair. Or like Endless Despair II, which was a better theme for Terumi than that Silent Scream shit they replaced it with.
  10. We know; stop making a new fucking post about it every week just to say something you've drilled into our heads and beat the dead horse further. This is the CF news thread, not the "TekkamanArk Endlessly Complains About Jubei Not Being Playable Thread."
  11. Basically this. Having the dub there from the start is why it's a big deal to suddenly remove it, and the fact that GG only had a dub for two games (one of which you can't truly count as a main series title despite not actually being all too bad) made that pill easier to swallow. It's a bit of a dick move on Arcsys's part to remove the dub for the English releases at the very end of at least Ragna's story. I can understand their reasoning for it though, shitty as it may be. And as I've said, at the end of the day this still a fun fighting game to me more than anything. But yeah, I'm with you on Arcsys not seeing a cent from my wallet after this one. I never understood the notion that simply pointing out when somebody is being an asshole for no reason makes the one who pointed it out 'bothered.' It feels like a backpedaling notion more than anything. Nor have I seen Vulcan make any shitposts in recent times at least. I'm rather puzzled by this response.
  12. Shitpost of the year. Also parroting an unfunny meme like every other brainless moron on the internet makes whatever point you were trying to make lost.
  13. To be fair I don't think you can really count the spin-offs/side titles. There's a bit of a difference between a full console game and a throwaway spinoff title as far as dubbing goes, especially when the console games have had a constant dub present and the spinoffs have not. It's like a totally different category, and people are definitely more willing to accept no dub in the spinoffs than a main series one, as seen with this whole fiasco.
  14. While your candor and dedication to the dub is impressive, and I completely agree that the dub is a huge feature and the series is not the same without it, this is nonetheless a finale for everything and contains characters I've been wanting to play as since at least Continuum Shift among others. At the end of the day it's a damn good fighting game that I play with my friends and I'm not waiting any longer then I already have for a feature that might not get existed. And I'm still more certain that buying the game to ensure it even comes out over here while simultaneously contacting them repeatedly about the dub is the best bet.
  15. I'm getting the LE myself because one guy on the opposite side of the world from their target consumer-base not buying it will send the message about as strongly as a smoke signal in a tornado. I think Arcus Diabolus has the right idea about how supporting it even without the dub is probably the best and safest method for getting it in the long run, and in the long run this is still a damn good fighting game series I like--I'll pay to keep getting entries without having to import, even if I do have to deal with Kanako Kondo's insufferable voice. I'm pretty sure myself and other people who contacted Arcsys or Aksys to express their discontent with the lack of a dub does a far better job of telling them we're not happy about it then the game not selling for what could be any number of reasons. Hell, I'd do what Vulcan might do and get the digital version for the demo if I didn't have to play this on PS3 due to funds preventing a PS4 purchase. Also, why the Hell is the demo only available to those who get preorders? Aren't demos supposed to be like a trial thing for consumers to give the thing a shot to see if they'll like it and possibly buy it, thus making it attached to preordering it fairly useless? Remember when demos were friggin free? Pepperidge Farm remembers. But I'm ranting.