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    Odds and Ends

    Yeah, I agree. That would be most appreciated. Btw, six new vids up from GAME41: http://game41.web.infoseek.co.jp/movieroom.htm
  2. Sakishiro

    Odds and Ends

    Yo guys! I've been here in the forums for quite some time now but I haven't been able to register until today so I would like to start by thanking some people here and also introduce myself to you. First of all, I would REALLY like to thank nohoho for all the posts and links! Man, your information is incredible! It's so great that you can also get information and matches straight from the top elites from Japan! Excellent man! Keep up the amazing work! :china: And I also want to thank Gwyrgyn Blood for writing terrific Raoh and Kenshiro guides! And also tianyuan2k4, LiteSabre and everyone else for helping out with the rest! Thanks a lot guys! I will definitely help you all out with everything I can later on! Here's a little info about me: :grin: I'm greek but I actually live in Sweden and I've had the HNK game since march (I play it using a "supergun"). My two main characters are Kenshiro and Raoh and I also use Sauza, Rei and Toki sometimes. I'm also one of the founders of Sweden's biggest Tekken community called "LightDash". We have our own gaming local in Stockholm and we have lots of TVs, PS2s and Tekken Tag arcades so people can drop in anytime and play. In the beginning, we focused only on Tekken but now we allow any fighting game in the community and in the local. 3D, 2D, doesn't matter. So thanks to that, we have many more members now. And when it comes to Hokuto No Ken, I've been a HNK fan for over 18 years now and I've been waiting for a game like this ever since Street Fighter II came out to the arcades. So this game is like a gift from heaven to me. ^_^ Right now, I'm building up a HNK community with the help of LightDash gatherings and it's going well. Everyone that has played the game likes it. A friend of mine has also ordered the game and will have it soon too. So it's going forward! :: I'm really looking forward helping you guys with providing strats, combos, and matches. I'll see you around! Hokuto No Ken no muteki daaa!!!! =D PS: Check out our huge fighting game event that will be held in 5 & 6 of august! I will have HNK there for free casuals and we will play it on a projector! Here's the link: http://www.vs2k.se/