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  1. Hakumen enma not requiring a star? Nice! Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  2. IMO the only buffs Bedman needs to his Deja Vus is: 1. the seals not being destroyed if opponents attack the seals. I'm ok if they go away if bedman is hit while they're being activated (which currently happens), or even if they make it so that the seals decay faster if bedman is in hitstun. 2. His Task A/A' deja vus not disappearing if bedman gets put into blockstun. Getting a seal out AND activating it requires work/possibly meter, and it does not have a controllable trajectory like Task A/A' do, it doesn't even follow the return path of the task A/A' projectile, just goes back to the location of the seal. It needs to be a bit better.
  3. WolfCrimson

    [Xrd] Potemkin Combo Thread

    Isn't the challenge mode dust combo better (Dust>jH>jH>jS>jH>ICPM)? No need to input a jump cancel either. Also, I always fail to buster a Blitz rejected character, and at first I thought this was due to me trying to buster them from too far away, but is the rejected state invincible to grabs?
  4. WolfCrimson

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    I know I'll be 6Aing a lot more during pressure
  5. WolfCrimson

    [+R] Order-Sol General Discussion

    If anything I'll try to play both Xrd and +R No order sol in Xrd really hurts man
  6. Anyone know if BBCP Vita and BBCP PS3 will have cross-play? I know they share DLCs, but has it been announced if crossplay is available?
  7. WolfCrimson

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    If not today, then Dec 31st (last Tuesday of the year). New year's eve miracle. Honestly it's pretty ridiculous that they waited till the very last week of the year (assuming they still plan on releasing the patch "Before the end of 2013")
  8. ^No, there's no difference.
  9. That's weird. I'm using a Logitech wireless keyboard, maybe it's because of my keyboard?
  10. There's no need for that, if your keyboard is an english keyboard it'll automatically type in English.
  11. Are there plans on DustLoop to make a guide of some sort to help those who import BBCP who can't read moonrunes to navigate through the menus, training mode and such?
  12. WolfCrimson

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Lol, can't believe that the Xbox360 patch released before the PS3 NA patch.
  13. WolfCrimson

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Matchup Thread

    OK, since +R patch for NA is not going to release for 2-3 months, looks like I`ll be fighting AC+ Chipp some more. BUt I can't win, he's just too fast. What do I do against Chipp?
  14. OK, need some help with buying BBCP on Play-asia. It says on the "Asia" version of the game, under the "Further Info" header, that there's "English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Korean" Subtitles. Does that mean that the game has english text? I've imported a game from Asia/Hong Kong before (Demon's Souls) and it had full english voices and text, so does that mean that, at the very least, the Asia/Hong Kong version will have full english text? Note: If I get the Japanese version, I'm not planning on purchasing any DLC via the JP PSN store, because I'd be double dip and get the NA version later when it releases (for the story). P.S. : I'm not gonna get the Terumi DLC pre-order bonus if I get it from play-asia, am I?
  15. WolfCrimson

    [Accent Core] Order-Sol Matchup Thread

    What do I do vs Chipp? There is no matchup thread for him.